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The Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD began using the Continuous Improvement approach in 2004. This means the District uses research and data to make all decisions, from the board room to the classroom. The results speak for themselves. In 2004, HEB ISD had 15 “Recognized” campuses and 12 “Academically Acceptable” campuses, with no “Exemplary” campuses. In 2010, there are 19 “Exemplary” campuses, 6 “Recognized” campuses, and two “Academically Acceptable” campuses. It is clear that Continuous Improvement produces results, which means success for every child.


Everyone Benefits from Continuous Improvement


Students from Pre-K to high school are taught to make a plan, collect data, study the results and determine if they met the goal. Learning this process will help students throughout their school years and into planning for college and careers. Departments and schools use this approach to run more efficiently and effectively and make the most of District resources. When everyone works toward a common set of goals with the same type of process, the focus truly is supporting student achievement.



Before taking action on an issue, a plan is created that describes the need for improvement and states goals and intentions.
Decide on the approach, action steps to be taken, and determine how data will be collected.
Review the data. Decide what worked and what needs to be changed.
If the data show improvement, then the
“Do” becomes the best practice for this goal.
If the data do not show improvement, then decide what will be done differently to meet the goal.



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