Community Highlights

Lakewood Elementary Dives Into Reading

Lakewood Elementary and their PTA hosted "Dive Deep Into Reading" night. While their parents were in the cafeteria learning strategies to help their children with reading, the students were able to play a fun game of BINGO and win free books. Parents left with tools that would help them feel more involved in their child's reading and enhance their emerging interest in books.


Adopter Hosts Fundraiser for Harwood Jr. High Cheer Squad

Dr. Toby Givens, principal of Harwood Junior High, presents Nazir Moosa with an HEB ISD school adopter plaque. Moosa and his team at Del Taco (on the corner of Precinct and Harwood) hosted a fundraiser that donated a percentage of the day's profits to the Harwood Cheerleading squad. The Harwood Cheerleading squad brought plenty of Blackhawk spirit, drawing in support and interacting with the community.


Weather Projects and Meteorologists at Shady Oaks

After studying weather, Shady Oaks Elementary students begged to do weather-related projects! They created weather quizzes, gave meteorological reports, created a weather station, or created a global warming education campaign. At the end of the unit, NBC 5 meteorologist Rick Mitchell and Telemundo meteorologist Nestor Fletcha visited Shady Oaks classrooms to explain how they predict the weather and the tools that they use.