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Viridian Students Practice Mandarin Chinese Calligraphy

Students in Viridian Elementary's Mandarin Chinese class finished their first calligraphy work earlier this month. They were writing Mandarin characters for "Love", "Peace", "Luck", "Beautiful", "Hello" and "Happiness" with brush pen and ink.

Wilshire Kindergartners Practice Sight Words with "Entrance Tickets"

Wilshire Elementary kindergarten teacher Christian Reynolds "checks in" with a student first thing in the morning. Kindergarten students in her class work on sight word identification through a variety of formative assessments, including the morning "entrance ticket". Mrs. Reynolds hopes that these strategies will help her students identify these high-frequency words in their reading both in and out of school.

Class Shirts for River Trails Fourth Graders

River Trails Elementary fourth-graders tie-dyed shirts to build team spirit. Each homeroom is represented by its own color, and shirts are worn for CBAs, benchmarks, and other important school days.

West Hurst Kindergarten Celebrates Constitution Day

A West Hurst Elementary kindergarten class celebrated Constitution Day by discussing the parts of the pledge of allegiance. They also had an in-depth lesson that good citizens are respectful, and they made hats to wear. full story

Creature Teacher Visits Bell Manor PTA Meeting

The Creature Teacher came out for the Bell Manor Elementary PTA meeting Thursday, September 25. The students enjoyed meeting a chinchilla, a bullfrog, a rabbit, a snake, a tarantula, and other animals and learning about their diets, habitats, and lifestyle.


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