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Spring Garden CK Pre-K Celebrates 100th Day of School

Mrs. Lopez and Mrs. Bedard's Core Knowledge Pre-Kindergarten class at Spring Garden Elementary celebrated the 100th day of school. The class counted by 1's, 5's, and 10's to 100 and made a stamp collection book with 100 stamps, made a wish book with 100 items they wanted, and finished the day with a small parade. CKPK loves being 100 days smarter.

Bell Manor Students and Parents Make Valentines for Veterans

Bell Manor students participated in Valentine's for Vets on Friday, January 23rd before school. Students of all grades and their parents came to the event, hosted by the 2nd grade team of teachers, to design personalized Valentines for vets or someone special in their family.

South Euless Word Doctors Perform Contraction Surgery

First graders at South Euless Elementary are learning about contractions. Doctors and medical staff are working on contraction surgery during station time. "Yes, I hear a heartbeat!" "Quick get me my scalpels!" "We are saving words!

Lakewood Elementary First Grade Studies American History

Mrs. Callaway's first grade class at Lakewood Elementary has been learning about our founding fathers and the 13 colonies. They recreated the preamble and have been singing it to the School House Rock tune!

Elementary Schools Host Parenting with Love and Logic Workshop

On Saturday, January 31st, parents from Donna Park, Hurst Hills, River Trails, and West Hurst elementary schools attended a workshop on "Parenting with Love and Logic." Presented by the schools' counselors, the workshop taught practical skills for interacting with kids. full story


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