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Meadow Creek Grammar Emergency

There was a grammar emergency at Meadow Creek Elementary. All the fourth grade doctors treated their patients with periods, commas, apostrophes, and spelling fixes. The patients survived surgery thanks to the doctors' editing excellence.

Bell Manor Pre-Kindergartners Practice Recognizing Their Own Name

Bell Manor Elementary Pre-K classes had an egg-cellent time learning name recognition with an integrated literacy activity. Plastic eggs were personalized with students' names and placed around Bell Manor's Secret Garden. The students searched for and collected the eggs with their name on them.

Viridian Elementary Second Grade Visits Perot Museum

Viridian Elementary's 2nd Grade Class visited the Perot Museum of Nature and Science for their field trip on Tuesday, March 31st. They came face-to-face with dinosaurs, soared through the solar system, and even created their own weather broadcast all in one day. full story

World War II Veteran Speaks to Lakewood Fourth Graders

World War II veteran, author, and teacher James B. Willis shared his experiences from the Battle of Okinawa with Lakewood Elementary 4th grade students. He spoke about his life before and after WWII and how his story is also a personal narrative, like their own.

Elementary Whiz Quiz Competition Supported by Education Foundation

Whiz Quiz teams from seven HEB ISD elementary schools participated in competitions using new wireless buzzer systems provided through a grant from the HEB ISD Education Foundation. These 6th grade teams competed to answer questions from a variety of topics and ended the season with a celebration at Mountasia. Wilshire Elementary and River Trails Elementary (pictured here) tied for first place; both had a record of 5-1.


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