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Lakewood Elementary Dives Into Reading

Lakewood Elementary and their PTA hosted "Dive Deep Into Reading" night. While their parents were in the cafeteria learning strategies to help their children with reading, the students were able to play a fun game of BINGO and win free books. Parents left with tools that would help them feel more involved in their child's reading and enhance their emerging interest in books.

Spring Garden Fourth Grades Celebrates Vocabulary Day

Spring Garden Elementary fourth graders celebrated words on their Vocabulary Day. The students chose a vocabulary word and created a poster, t-shirt, costume, or prop to represent the definition of the word. Throughout the day, the students participated in Word Nerd games. full story

Weather Projects and Meteorologists at Shady Oaks

After studying weather, Shady Oaks Elementary students begged to do weather-related projects! They created weather quizzes, gave meteorological reports, created a weather station, or created a global warming education campaign. At the end of the unit, NBC 5 meteorologist Rick Mitchell and Telemundo meteorologist Nestor Fletcha visited Shady Oaks classrooms to explain how they predict the weather and the tools that they use.

Army Sergeant Visits Bell Manor Second Graders

Sergeant Timothy VanZant spoke to 2nd graders at Bell Manor Elementary while home on leave. Sergeant VanZant is a helicopter mechanic in the Army currently stationed in Korea. He has also served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Bellaire Open House Features Students' Art and Performances

Bellaire Elementary second graders performed "Seussical the Musical" for teachers and parents on Open House Night. Many of the student's art work was also displayed throughout the building. Parents also enjoyed music by Suzuki String students as they visited their child's classrooms.


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