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Bellaire Students Design, Build, and Test Egg Drop Containers

On January 9th, Bellaire Elementary 5th and 6th grade science students designed egg containers to save their eggs from a fall. Students were only allowed to use paper, tape, glue, straws, popsicle sticks, and string to build their containers. Coach Miller braved the roof to drop the eggs from a height of 520 centimeters onto the concrete sidewalk below.

Pairs Solve Multi-Step Multiplication at Spring Garden

Mr. Dunkley's class at Spring Garden Elementary worked in cooperative groups to discuss, solve, and share multi-step multiplication word problems. full story

Early Literacy Workshop for Bilingual Pre-K Families at Shady Oaks

Jacqueline Nolasco hosted an "Early Literacy Workshop" at Shady Oaks Elementary for her bilingual Prek families. She modeled strategies for them to support learning at home. Families received materials to take home along with a DVD to support letter sounds. Time was provided for her parents to sign up for a school library card and check out books.

South Euless Second Graders Learn Safety Tips From Police Officer

After reading Officer Buckle and Gloria, 2nd grade students at South Euless Elementary were visited by Officer Darter of the Irving Police Department. Officer Darter gave the students safety tips, stickers, and wristbands. full story

Donna Park Hosts Prek Family Meeting

It was "standing room only" at Donna Park Elementary's Prek Family Meeting. Laura Keal and Malinda Hiles provided families with the opportunity to learn more about technology and early literacy skills. Families walked away with great materials to work with their children at home. full story


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