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Creature Teacher Visits Bell Manor PTA Meeting

The Creature Teacher came out for the Bell Manor Elementary PTA meeting Thursday, September 25. The students enjoyed meeting a chinchilla, a bullfrog, a rabbit, a snake, a tarantula, and other animals and learning about their diets, habitats, and lifestyle.

River Trails Fourth Graders Enjoy After-school Book Club

At River Trails Elementary, the fourth graders in Mrs. Buhrow's classes enjoyed Gregor the Overlander. Students who participated stayed after school in the month of September to listen to this wonderful novel. full story

West Hurst Kindergarten Celebrates Constitution Day

A West Hurst Elementary kindergarten class celebrated Constitution Day by discussing the parts of the pledge of allegiance. They also had an in-depth lesson that good citizens are respectful, and they made hats to wear. full story

Language Arts Centers with Spring Garden Sixth Grade

Spring Garden Elementary 6th grade reading/ELA students chose to work in the Vocabulary center, the Literary Devices center, or the Dialectical Journal center. Students then worked independently or in small groups to complete the assignments for that center. full story

Bell Manor Sixth Graders Undertake Engineering Challenge

Bell Manor Elementary's sixth grade team became engineers for a day. The 6th grade classes worked in teams to apply an engineering design process that included identifying criteria & constraints and constructing a product that solved a problem. The Book Support Challenge full story


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