Posted: 11/15/2012 

Dr. Debbie Tribble to Retire from HEB ISD

Debbie Tribble, assistant superintendent of secondary administration, will retire from public education after 34 years. She has spent the last four years in HEB ISD. She has accepted a position as Assistant to the Provost at Dallas Baptist University and she retires at the end of this month.

Her dedication to students has been evident as a teacher, a counselor, a principal, a director, and in her current position with HEB ISD. During her time here she placed a greater emphasis on pushing students to take the PSAT exam as ninth graders in order to identify those who have potential of becoming National Merit Scholars. Her efforts resulted in the creation of the Superintendent's Scholars.

HEB ISD recognizes high-scoring ninth graders and offers them opportunities for enrichment programs to prepare them to take the PSAT as sophomores and then again as juniors. This is designed to help as many students as possible qualify for college scholarships and acceptance into top universities because of their performance on college entrance exams.

Tribble also took Continuous Improvement to the student level and worked with secondary schools to create student focus groups. This gives students a voice and lets their teachers know what they need to be successful. This focus on students as stakeholders led to having students in grades 6 -- 12 participate in an annual survey to obtain their feedback on school climate as it impacts student learning.

The Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Jim Short to temporarily fill Debbie's position for the remainder of the year. Jim Short was Debbie's predecessor and has agreed to assist through the transition.

Dr. Gene Buinger, superintendent of schools said Dr. Tribble will be missed.

"We will miss Debbie's dedication to the children of HEB ISD, her innovative programs and her focus on helping students succeed," he said. "We wish her the best as she enters the world of higher education. We know she will impact DBU students in the same positive way she has impacted our students in HEB ISD."

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