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Posted: 1/30/2013 

Author H.J. Ralles Visits Shady Oaks Elementary

The Shady Oaks Elementary 4th graders were pleased to host author H. J. Ralles, who has written several science fiction series.

In her "Darok" series, Will and Maddie help a lunar scientist hide his new discovery from the enemy. The scientist's research brings treachery and sabotage and all are swept into a dangerous game with human survival at stake!

In the "Keeper" series, Matt gets sucked into a computer game where he is trapped and hunted and must hide to survive! Readers will certainly enjoy reading about Matt's adventures through every level of his game.

Her newest book, The Ghosts of Malhado presents spooky historical fiction about Texas and one of its early explorers, Cabeza de Vaca. Only his friend Juliann believes that Alex is seeing the ghost of the famous Spanish Conquistador and they obsessively pursue his missing treasure on the Texas coast!

Ms. Ralles gave the 4th graders wonderful hints on becoming even better writers, too! The students had a wonderful time cutting out exciting titles, pictures, and words from newspapers and magazines as they began to collect items for their "Writing Files". They discovered that titles and pictures could spark wonderful ideas for when they write their narrative and expository compositions. "Boring" became a reminder that adding "zing" to your writing makes it so much more exciting.

For more information about H. J. Ralles and her books, please visit her website:

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