Phone Outage

Posted: 2/14/2013 

Phone, Data, and Email Issues Should Now be Resolved (Updated 2/15 AM)

2/14/2013 1:50 pm - We've just been told that there is a fiber optic line outage that's affecting schools on the West side of HEBISD. The full extent of the problem is unclear, but it's possible that landline phones are not working and that staff at those schools may not be able to check email.

2/14/2013 Update at 3:30pm - It has been determined that fiber optic lines have been cut on Airport Freeway due to construction. Repairs will take overnight. During this time, all campuses -- especially those on the west side of the district -- may be subject to phone and data outages. Stonegate Elementary in particular is likely to have service outages until the problem is resolved.

2/15/2013 Morning Update - At this time, it appears that the outages have been resolved. We will continue to monitor access to watch for any lingering problems.

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