LD Bell HS


HEB ISD Recognizes Beau Brown!

Sophomore, LD Bell HS


Wrote his First Novel: "The Heir of Asgard"


After more than a year of writing, rewriting, and editing Beau Brown has finally had his first book published. The Heir of Asgard was released on December 28, 2012. This book is the first in what will be called the "Asgardian Trilogy". It is a story about Orion, son of Thor and his path to finding other CONs (Children of Norse). The trilogy begins on Midgard (Earth), but over the next two books Beau plans to incorporate other areas of the nine realms. He is looking forward to sharing his imagination, through writing, with the students of HEB and push them to take that chance on their dreams. He is currently a Sophomore at LD Bell and is hoping to have the "Asgardian Trilogy" completed before he leaves to attend college.

-- Submitted by Bobby Brown

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