Shady Oaks


HEB ISD Recognizes Ms. Arroyo!

Staff, Shady Oaks


Amazing Member of School's Front Office Staff


Where do I start? Ms. Arroyo is simply amazing. She makes my Daughter feel like she is welcome, loved and always has someone she can go to at Shady Oaks, if there is anything she needs.
Ms. Arroys loves ALL children. It is rare to find a woman who is this kind, loving and knows how to relate to all children.
I trust her and she makes my Daughter's day pleasant. Everyday my Daughter stops by the office to say good morning to Ms. Arroyo. I have witnessed this personally. Ms. Arroyo doesn't know this, but the last time I was there and watched her with my Daughter, I had to fight back tears. You just don't see people with her character and kindness. She is genuine and is a huge blessing in our life/school.

-- Submitted by Shelly Donovan

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