Harwood JH


HEB ISD Recognizes Doyle Bellville!

Staff, Harwood JH


Happily Embraced an Opportunity to Inspire Music Appreciation


Mr. Bellville is such a great teacher! He came to Wilshire on a recruiting visit for 6th graders to inform them of the many opportunities in Junior High School band. He arrived a little early with all of his musical instruments in tow, to find a room full of wide-eyed 1st graders. Mr. Bellville didn't miss a step! He happily unloaded each instrument to show and play for my very curious group of 1st graders. Those students are still talking about how their class got to see and hear all those cool instruments and meet the band teacher from Harwood. Thanks for giving my students a fun and unforgettable experience!

-- Submitted by Stacy Green

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