Global Initiatives Languages

India, China, and the Middle East are powerful players in the global economy and international relations. Our students need to be given the skills to compete with the best of the students from these regions for access to the best schools and the best jobs. One way that HEB ISD provides students an edge over their international competition is to give them opportunities to learn a second language. Being Different by Design, HEB ISD offers students the unique academic challenge to learn Arabic, Hindi or Mandarin Chinese beginning as early as the first grade.

The elementary World Languages Schools of Choice program is the first of its kind in HEB ISD. It will establish a strong foundation about the history, traditions, art, and music associated with three world languages, as well as provide an understanding of oral vocabulary skills in grades 1-3. In grades 4-6, formal target language instruction can begin. Structured inquiry, critical thinking, and real world problem solving will provide the framework for exploration of language, art, music, geography, and history at each grade level. Participating students will leave sixth grade with an academic edge if they choose to continue instruction in their chosen language by enrolling in Global Initiatives Languages beginning in seventh grade.

The Global Initiatives Language program begins in seventh grade on select campuses and continues through high school. Students interested in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program may take their language B course and exam in their Global Initiatives language. In addition to acquiring formal linguistic skills in these languages, students will also develop an in-depth understanding of the cultures, history, and economics of the regions where these languages are spoken, and in so doing, gain a better appreciation of the role the United States plays in this global economy.

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