School Highlights

International Baccalaureate Students Meet Fahreed Zakaria

Ten International Baccalaureate students from Bell and Trinity met Fahreed Zakaria at a Dallas / Fort Worth World Affairs Council Meeting in March. The students also had the opportunity to hear Zakaria's presentation at the meeting: Globalization: A New World.

Studying The Attributes of Waves at Bedford Jr. High

Eighth grade science classes at Bedford Junior High recently studied compressional and transverse waves. Students demonstrated amplitude, wave length, crest, trough and frequency of different waves in the school's courtyard.

Adopter Hosts Fundraiser for Harwood Jr. High Cheer Squad

Dr. Toby Givens, principal of Harwood Junior High, presents Nazir Moosa with an HEB ISD school adopter plaque. Moosa and his team at Del Taco (on the corner of Precinct and Harwood) hosted a fundraiser that donated a percentage of the day's profits to the Harwood Cheerleading squad. The Harwood Cheerleading squad brought plenty of Blackhawk spirit, drawing in support and interacting with the community.

Bedford Jr. High Art Students Create Flower Sculptures

Bedford Junior High's ninth grade art students welcomed students and faculty back from spring break with large flower sculptures. Students created the artwork from reusable materials and installed it among the gardens and trees in the school's courtyard.