Daily Schedule

  • Normal School Day


    Students are expected to be in their seats, ready to learn at 7:50 am.



    Rotations begin on Wednesdays. Students attend specials Wednesday through Tuesday – three days the first week and two the second. PE works with two classes while the other two attend music and art. Grade levels with five classes will divide one class into four groups. Those students then attend specials with the same class each rotation.




    Students are dismissed at 3:05 pm.


    Early Dismissal

    On designated early dismissal days, students will be dismissed at 11:50 am. Lunch will be served before dismissal. Check the official student calendar for early dismissal days.


    Late Start

    Weather conditions may sometimes cause HEB ISD to delay the start of school by two hours. If this happens:

    • Morning bus routes will run two hours later than normal (with possible delays due to road conditions)
    • Students report to school by 10:00am
    • No breakfast is served
    • Follow the regular lunch schedule
    • Morning/AM Pre-K, Head Start, and PPCD will be canceled
    • Afternoon/PM Pre-K, Head Start, and PPCD will follow regular schedule
    • CK Pre-K will follow 2-hour delay