Employee Calendar Key

  • To officially find out which calendar your job follows, you must log into Employee Access Center. Near the bottom of the first page you see after you login, look for "Calendar Type".

    Each year, the letter at the beginning of the name of the calendar is incremented by one:

    • 2020-21 calendars start with "U",
    • 2021-22 calendars start with "V",
    • etc.

    The number in the name of the calendar usually represents the number of working days in the calendar.

    For convenience, we've posted a rough guideline of which jobs follow each calendar:


    Employee Calendar Key
    # of Days Employee Groups Included in Calendar Cal Start Date Cal End Date
    176 Campus Facility Monitor 8/11/21 6/1/22
    177 CNS Assistant Manager; CNS Manager;  CNS Specialist 8/6/21 6/1/22
    179 Bus Driver; Bus Monitor 8/6/21 6/1/22
    187 District Teacher Facilitator; LVN; Librarian; Nurse; Parent Liaison; Secretary- BCTEA and Transition Center; SLP; Teacher; Teacher Assistant; Teacher on Special Assignment; Truancy Officer 8/2/21 5/27/22
    187 Reading Cohort Leader 7/12/21 6/3/22
    187 Campus Technology Assistant- Elem, JH, and HS 7/22/21 5/27/22
    192 Social Worker- Homeless 7/28/21 5/27/22
    197 Teacher- BCTEA 7/29/21 6/10/22
    200 Counselor- Elementary and DAEP; LCSW; Title I Technology Integrator; Attendance Secretary- JH and HS; Receptionist- JH 7/19/21 6/2/22
    200 Behavior Specialist; Lead Dyslexia Teacher; Secretary- BCTEA; SLP Facilitator; Support Specialist; Transition Specialist 8/2/21 6/10/22
    205 Office Assistant- Elem; Receptionist- Elem 7/15/21 6/3/22
    205 CNS Bookkeeper 7/19/21 6/9/22
    205 Campus Secretary; Counselor- JH, HS, BCTEA, and KEYS HS 7/19/21 6/3/22
    205 Secretary Data Entry- JH 7/12/21 6/1/22
    205 CNS Project Manager/Supervisor II 7/26/21 6/16/22
    210 Assessment Facilitator; Diagnostician; LSSP; LSSP- Student Intervention; Secretary- Special Ed; Specialist- Special Ed 7/19/21 6/10/22
    210 Assistant Principal- Elem and JH; Lead Truancy Officer 7/12/21 6/3/22
    215 Lead Counselor- HS; Counselor Secretary- HS 7/12/21 6/10/22
    220 Assistant Principal-HS, BCTEA; Coordinator; Bookkeeper- Extended Day; Instructional Technology Support; Principal- Elem, JH, and KEYS HS;Registrar- HS; Secretary- BCTEA, DAEP, and KEYS HS; Secretary(Assistant Principal)- HS; Secretary (Principal)- Elem, JH, and KEYS HS; Secretary- Central Office, Dropout Recovery, Extended Day, Federal Programs, and Transition Center 7/12/21 6/17/22
    220 Head Band Director- HS 7/12/21 6/23/22
    220 CNS Supervisor I; CNS Chef; CNS Catering Event Planner 7/12/21 6/23/22
    230 Coordinator; Community Relations Liaison; Help Desk Technician; Secretary- Special Ed, PEIMS; Stadium Manager 7/5/21 6/23/22
    240 Administrative Assistant- HS; Athletic Coordinator- HS; Bookkeeper- HS; Coordinator; Community Relations Liaison; Head Football Coach- HS; Help Desk Technician; Maintenance Technician; Principal- HS; Secretary- Central Administration; Warehouse Delivery 7/1/21 6/30/22
    248 Custodians; Energy Manager; Maintenance Workers; Warehouse Workers; Transportation Coordinator; Transportation Mechanic; Transportation Supervisor 9/1/21 8/31/22
    248 Director 7/1/21 6/30/22