Designing Our Future - HEB ISD Attendance Boundary Adjustment

  • Designing Our Future - HEB ISD Attendance Boundary Adjustment

  • Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD continues to grow as families seek out the high-quality opportunities available to our students. The school district is opening the newly rebuilt Oakwood Terrace Elementary school for the 2021-2022 school year. We are using this opportunity to simplify a small number of elementary school boundaries. These adjustments will allow more students to attend neighborhood schools closer to their home.

    As a data-driven school district, we don’t guess at where boundaries should be. We proactively work with local builders and gather input and projections from a firm that specializes in demographic data affecting school districts. Their professional demographers look at trends combined with neighborhood-level data. This data predicts neighborhood growth and turnover and how these trends will affect the number of school-age children in individual neighborhoods throughout our district.

    These changes will reduce travel time and help families connect with geographically closer school communities. We will also be putting resources and processes in place to enable smooth transitions for students attending new schools.

    Questions and Answers

    Q: What is Attendance Boundary Adjustment (ABA)?
    A: Attendance Boundary Adjustments (ABA) help the District to manage growth in HEB ISD. As the District enrollment increases, it becomes necessary to adjust boundaries and open new schools. ABA enables the District to balance student enrollment at each school and geographically reduce travel time.

    Q: How do I know if my student is impacted by the district’s proposed Attendance Boundary Adjustment?
    A: Please use our 2021-2022 HEB ISD School Boundary Locator to search for the name of the street where you live. Families impacted by ABA will receive notification by January 2021.

    Q: What was the process for determining boundaries to adjust?
    A: Criteria included effective utilization of space, geographic proximity to the school, student enrollment numbers within the planning area, and the ability to effectively transport.

    Q: Who will ultimately make the final decision about boundaries?
    A: The ultimate responsibility for setting school attendance boundaries will be the decision of the Board of Trustees.

    Q: Will transportation be provided for impacted students?
    A: Transportation will continue to be provided for students who live 2 miles from their campus or on a hazardous route. For additional information regarding transportation-related concerns, contact Transportation department (link).

    Q: How can my student remain at his or her current campus?
    A: Students may apply for an intradistrict transfer to stay at their current campus during the Transfer Window (January 5, 2021 through February 26, 2021) on the HEB ISD Transfers webpage ( General transfer requests for elementary will be reviewed in August after all registrations have been completed. Since Secondary transfer requests are not affected by class size limits, requests will be reviewed during April. Transportation is not provided for students who are granted transfers.

    Students who completed the 5th grade at their current campus may apply for a transfer during the Transfer Window and the transfer will be considered based the factors outlined in Board Policy FDB (REGULATION). Transfer requests for 5th to 6th grade students will be considered in April.
    Information on general transfers can be found on the HEB ISD Transfers webpage (

    Q: How will ABA impact my Schools of Choice (SOC) student?
    A: SOC students who received a transfer to a SOC program when they entered the program do not need to reapply for a transfer. Their transfer is approved through 6th grade in elementary as long as they remain in the SOC program.

    Students attending a SOC program at their home campus, but live at an address that has been rezoned to a new campus, will need to complete transfer paper work during the Transfer Window. Those transfers will be granted in April.

    Q: How will the ABA plan impact current home campus students in the Elementary SOC lottery for 2021-2022?
    A: For the SOC lottery, a student’s home campus is their home campus for 2021-2022 school year.

    Q: If my child is impacted by ABA, will this change the junior high or high school he or she attends in the future?
    A: There are several changes to junior high attendance boundaries, but there are no changes to the high schools at this time.

    Q: My student is currently in the Extended Day Academy (EDA) at his/her campus. Will my student be able to enroll in EDA at his/her new campus?
    A: Current enrollment for the EDA will allow for some additional students. Students affected by ABA will be able to pre-register for the EDA at their new home campus.

    Q: If my student has a balance in his/her meal account, will that balance be accessible at the new campus?
    A: Yes. The account is set up by student ID and will not be impacted by ABA.

    Q: How can I support my child as he/she transitions to the new campus?
    A: Our schools will host open houses for parents and children to tour their new campus. This will be a great opportunity for students and parents to experience their new school as a welcoming and familiar environment. Students are very resilient to change, especially when their parents are supportive of the change. Young children are not an exception to this and tend to acclimate to their new environment quickly.

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