• Moving into Adult Roles and Communities

  • Mission

    Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District is committed to providing quality transition services which foster independence, develop employability skills, promote self-determination, and prepare the student for integration into their community.


    MARC (Moving into Adult Roles and Communities)

    The MARC program is a transition service offered by Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD and is located at the Transition Center Campus at 1849 F. Central Drive. It is an instructional arrangement for students with disabilities ages 18-21 who have completed the academic graduation requirements and are working within the continuum of transition services in order to complete implementation of their Individual Education Plan (IEP.)

    Individualized supports for a successful transition to adult life are provided in the areas of.

    • Employment- Students gain work experience by working at a variety of local businesses with whom HEB has an agreement with.
    • Independent living- Students plan, prepare and clean up after a dish once a week.

    Each young adult's daily schedule is based upon his or her post-secondary goals, IEP goals, and objectives developed with the collaboration of the student, parents, teachers and adult agencies.

    For more information visit please contact the Transition Specialist at 817-399-2285

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