What Can I Count as VIPS Hours?

  • (Non-Employees of Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD)


    • Donation of Time Performing Volunteer Duties
    • Attending PTA, booster club, and other meetings
    • Monetary/food items donated by an individual volunteer who has a VIPS Volunteer ID number and password
    • Chaperone costs

    Not Eligible

    • Spirit Wear
    • Fees
    • Fundraisers
    • Booster Club Dues
    • Any other Item Purchased (banquet tickets, photography, etc.)
    • Lunch with your child
    • Suzuki Lessons
    • Business/Adopter Donations
    • Parents attending parent/teacher conferences

    What WILL Count Toward VIPS Hours for Campus or Individual Volunteers:

    • Donations of Time: Time spent performing volunteer duties for the school or group.
    • Meetings: Booster meetings, parent meetings, etc...
    • Monetary/Food Donations: Donations of food for activities or direct monetary donations to the group where nothing is personally received in return (food for goodie bags, breakfast, or money donated to purchase these items, etc.)
    • Chaperone Costs: Hotel expenses, food costs and travel expenses while performing duties as a chaperone.

    What Will NOT Count Toward VIPS Hours for Campus or Individual Volunteers:

    • Spirit Wear: uniforms, letter jackets, t-shirts, or any other apparel. - Since the child gets to wear and keep the uniform, and it is not donated, this is a direct purchase, not a donation.
    • Fees: camp fees, competition fees, travel or food expenses at camp/competition. The parent receives something in return for these fees. They get to compete or attend camp. They are not donating the fees to the school.
    • Fundraisers: (wrapping paper, candles, etc..) - This is a direct purchase, unless the person making the purchase turns around and donates the item to the school. Otherwise, the person received an item for the money, which is the end of the transaction.
    • Banquet tickets: Since the person purchasing the tickets attends the banquet and eats the food, again, this is a direct purchase in which there is a beginning and end of the transaction.
    • Booster Club dues: Dues from a person to a club DO NOT count. However, if a club turns around and donates dues to a school, then the campus may receive VIPS hours in a bulk account, but the VIPS credit would not belong to a particular individual.
    • Pictures/Photography: Since the person making the purchase gets to keep the photos and is not making a donation, but making a direct purchase, this will not count.
    • Lunch with Child: Having lunch with your child does not count as VIPS hours.
    • Business/Adopter Donation: Donations may not be counted because donation converted to cash value must belong to a VIPS volunteer who has passed a background check and who has received a VIPS User ID and password. These business/adopter donations cannot be converted and entered into campus bulk accounts either.