Elementary Transfer Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), 2024-2025 School Year


    Frequently Asked Questions About Elementary Transfer Application, 2024-2025 School Year


    1. Who is eligible for a Transfer? There are four scenarios for eligibility.

    • Intradistrict Transfer - When a student LIVING INSIDE THE DISTRICT is requesting to move from one HEB ISD school to another HEB ISD school.
    • NEW Full Time HEB ISD Employee Child - When a full-time district employee who lives outside the district boundaries is requesting that their child/children attend an HEB ISD school.
    • RETURNING Full Time HEB ISD Employee Child - When a full-time district employee who lives outside the district boundaries is requesting that their child/children RETURN to their HEB ISD School.
    • RETURNING Schools of Choice Participant living OUTSIDE DISTRICT - This is the required annual Interdistrict transfer application.  There is no need to re-apply for the Schools of Choice program.


    2. How do I apply for a transfer for my student?

    You may complete the transfer applications online at www.hebisd.edu/transfers


    3. When can I apply for a transfer?

    The 2024-2025 Transfer Window will be open from January 15, 2024 – March 8, 2024. After the window has closed, the principal and/or Central Office Review Committee shall consider transfers only for those deemed extreme conditions/hardships.


    4. What is the process the District uses to determine the result of my request for a transfer?

    The accepting principal shall review each application and may consult with the principal of the student’s attendance zone campus prior to finalizing their decision.

    For applications received during the window, review will occur in April and email notification will be complete by April 26, 2024.

    A denied transfer may be appealed to the office of the Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Administration. This appeal must be submitted in writing within 10 days of receipt of the denied transfer and will be reviewed by the Central Administration Review Committee and results wil be sent out by July 31, following New Student Registration.


    5. Is bus transportation provided?

    The District does not provide transportation for a student attending a school outside his or her attendance zone.


    6. Do students have to apply for a transfer every year?

    Students that live IN-DISTRICT must apply during the transfer window. If accepted, the student does not need to apply the following year(s) as long as they remain enrolled in the originally requested school (through 6th grade).

    Students that live OUT-OF-DISTRICT must apply annually during the transfer window.
    Once a student is considered (approved or denied), no additional transfer requests will be accepted for the remainder of the academic year.


    7. What are the reasons a transfer may be rescinded?

    Reasons as stated in Board Policy FDB (REGULATION):

    The Superintendent or designee may rescind a transfer if the student exhibits poor attendance or poor academic performance or if the student does not comply with campus policies, rules, or regulations including, but not limited to, the Student Co de of Conduct. A transfer may also be rescinded if class size exceeds state guidelines,
    facilities become overcrowded, or other reasons deemed to be in the best interest of the District or campus.


    8. What happens to my transfer if I move from inside to outside of HED ISD district boundaries?

    A resident student who moves out of the District during the school year may be permitted to continue enrollment for the remainder of the six-week grading period, provided that the student does not have any documented discipline or attendance problems. (District Policy FDA Local)

    A resident student actively enrolled in a Schools of Choice program, who moves out of the District during the school year may be permitted to continue at the current campus, in the current program. An HEB ISD Transfer Application will need to be completed. Please contact your student’s school office for assistance.


    9. If a student requests a District transfer to attend a junior high school outside of his/her junior high school attendance zone and has not attended an elementary school that “feeds” the requested junior high school is he/she eligible to participate in UIL or extracurricular activities?

    According to local policy a student who has not attended a “feeder” elementary school on a transfer would be ineligible for one year (365 calendar days) from the date of enrollment.

    Students enrolled in athletic programs shall not participate in UIL-sanctioned contests at any level during their year of ineligibility, but may participate in practices before, during, and after school.

    Students enrolled in Visual and Performing Arts programs may participate in performances on campus as specified by the Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills. However, Visual and Performing Arts students who transfer from zoned school to attend another school outside his/her attendance zone shall not participate in UIL contests or extracurricular events for 365 days.