World Languages (Schools of Choice) Application and Lottery Process

  • You may also download a printable version of this World Languages (Schools of Choice) Application and Lottery Process Document for Parents.

    HEB ISD Schools of Choice – World Language

    General Assumptions:

    • The administration of the lottery and admissions procedures is the responsibility of District Administration.
    • The number of students admitted each year is determined by District Administration based on grade level and program capacity.
    • In the event the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of available seats a random selection lottery will be used.

    Application Process:

    • Parents may apply for participation in the lottery, online, during the annual application window.
    • Students may apply to enter the World Language program in grades 1-6.
    • All wait lists clear, pending the new lottery, at the end of the first semester.
    • Late applicants are placed on the wait list in the order received.
    • Students accepted in the program must abide by all requirement of the program. 


    • Students receive instruction in the history, traditions, art and music associated with the languages in grades 1-3.
    • Formal target language instruction begins in grade 4 when students select a language of focus.
    • The World Language class is chosen in lieu of art and music classes in grades 5 and 6. Art and music will be incorporated appropriately through the language acquisition classes.
    • The campus may continue to accept students in the program utilizing current Lottery Wait List applicants if space becomes available.
    • A student currently enrolled in the World Language program who moves to another attendance boundary may apply for a transfer as long as they remain in the World Language program.

    Lottery Process:

    PowerSchool, the same online vendor HEB ISD utilizes for all application/registration for our district, conducts the Schools of Choice Lottery. The lottery does not guarantee placement in the program. However, it determines the rank order for students once they are categorized based on the criteria established by the District and generated through the PowerSchool School Choice/Lottery system.

    If a student served through special education is selected to participate in a Schools of Choice program through the District lottery process, the Admission, Review & Dismissal Committee (ARDC) will meet to determine if the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) could be implemented at the Schools of Choice campus. If the ARDC determines the IEP cannot be implemented on the campus, the student is not otherwise qualified to participate in the Schools of Choice program.

    The District does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, creed, ethnicity, religion or disabling condition in providing educational services. 

    Order of Lottery

    • Schools of Choice program siblings – sibling in the same Schools of Choice program at the same school
    • Home campus students (includes Intradistrict & Interdistrict applicants who’ve been granted a transfer from
      previous year)
    • Employee students
    • Intradistrict transfer students
    • Interdistrict transfer students 


    • If the last seat drawn belongs to a family of multiples, the parent has the choice to assume the last seat with one child while the remaining sibling(s) remain on a waiting list, or place all children on the waitlist.

    Notification after lottery:

    • Families of students admitted to a Schools of Choice program are notified by email and must accept by a predetermined date.