Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about School Closure

  • We've collected answers to the common questions we've received from parents:



    How is HEB ISD prioritizing questions and needs during this school closure?

    HEB ISD’s #1 concern is always the well-being of our students. As we put in place systems and processes to protect the safety of our students, staff, and families, we are preparing the systems that will allow educational success to continue.


    When are HEB ISD schools closed through?

    As of April 17: Texas Governor Greg Abbott amended his Executive Order calling for all schools to remain closed in the state of Texas through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. This means HEB ISD facilities will be closed and all events/activities are canceled through the end of May; remote learning and meal pick up will continue.

    As we approach end of May, HEB ISD administrators will continue to communicate with public health officials and evaluate whether to extend the closure.


    Can I enroll a student during the school closure?

    Yes, you are able to enroll a new student while school is closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please follow our step-by-step guide: How to Register during Spring 2020 School Closure.


    I understand teachers are asked to communicate with their students weekly.  Does that mean my child or I should get a phone call or email from each teacher each week?

    The term “weekly communication” does not mean a phone call or email from each teacher each week.  While they would love the opportunity to connect with each student/family personally, some of our teachers have 150 students and more. Therefore, there simply is not the time.  Weekly communication may be an e-mail, activity feedback through SeeSaw or GoogleClassroom, class meetings, small group communication, etc.


    Why are teacher phone calls showing up with blocked or private numbers on my phone's caller ID?

    Parents, please be aware that teachers may be attempting to call you from their personal phone lines. When they do this, we have recommended that they use *67 which may show up on your phone as a blocked or private number.


    What are our current plans for prom and graduation ceremonies?

    On March 30, we announced the cancellation of L.D. Bell and Trinity's proms, due to public health restrictions on mass gatherings. Those who have purchased Prom tickets received a refund by mail.

    In the May 8 #HEBISDPROUD newsletter, we announced that L.D. Bell and Trinity graduations will be held in-person at Texas Motor Speedway on the originally-planned date: May 31. 

    We also announced that the KEYS graduation is planned to take place at the Pennington Field parking lot on May 29.

    On May 19, we shared additional graduation information:


    Can parents pick up medication in the nurse’s office at their child’s school?

    • Parents may pick up student medication from the School Nurse on Wednesday, March 18, 2020 from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. or 4:00 – 6:00 p.m.
    • The School Nurse will be present to meet with parents one at a time.
    • If multiple parents are present at one time, the principal will facilitate social distancing protocols.
    • We are allocating approximately five to ten minutes for each parent to count out and sign out the medication.


    Can students still visit the district's JPS clinics? What health services are available after JPS closes school-based clinics?

    JPS has announced that they are closing all of their school-based clinics, effective March 27. This includes closing the two clinics located in HEB ISD at 3115 Pipeline Rd., Euless, TX 76040. For more information, including a few other local health services options, see our March 26 letter: JPS Closing School-Based Clinics


    How can my child get free breakfast or lunch?

    We are providing free breakfast and lunch at several locations in HEB ISD. This opportunity is open to ALL children age 18 or younger. (If children are not present, USDA guidance requires parents to present a school ID or birth certificate for each set of child meals.) For days, times, and locations, please view our April 1 communication about Grab and Go Meals


    Can I help provide meals for students?

    We don't anticipate needing volunteers or donations to support the free meals provided by HEB ISD. We'll definitely share that information if the opportunity arises.

    There may be other opportunities to help in the community. In addition to our large partners like 6 Stones and Mission Central Metroplex/Village Pantry, watch for announcements from the churches and organizations you trust that are already active in your neighborhood.


    Will this closure require us to make up missed time during the summer months?

    At this time there is no requirement to make up the days missed as a result of school closure during the summer months.


    What are schools going to do for classes?

    On March 21, we shared information about our Instructional Continuity Plan, called "Home Education Bridge". Read more:

    (English) Home Education Bridge - Letter to Parents (English) - March 20

    (Español) Home Education Bridge - Letter to Parents (Spanish) - March 20

    (Français) Home Education Bridge - Letter to Parents (French) - March 20

    (عربى) Home Education Bridge - Letter to Parents (Arabic) - March 20

    On Monday, March 23, we will open our Home Education Bridge website. You will be able to access it at this web address:


    How is the district handling special education during the closure?

    At this time we are working on a plan and we will update as information becomes available.  If your student requires an ARD meeting during school closure, you will be contacted by the HEB ISD Special Education department to schedule a virtual ARD.


    What should I do right now to help my child learn?

    Parents should enable their students to follow instructions on our Home Education Bridge website, along with any class-specific instructions shared by teachers.

    While school is closed, one of the best things you can do is encourage your student to read for at least 30 minutes each day. Books and newspapers can be great reading materials. You can also access a HUGE free online library here:

    HEB Online Resources (from the HEB ISD School Libraries department)

    These free resources include books for all ages of students, covering a wide variety of genres and topics!


    What about families without Internet access at home?

    We are working to offer online and offline, paper-based solutions.

    Additionally, many Internet providers are offering free or low-cost service options for new customers. We have collected several options on their own page: Home Internet - Free & Low-cost options.


    What is going to happen with STAAR tests?

    Governor Abbott has waived STAAR testing requirements for the 2019-2020 school year.

    TEA is seeking a waiver from the federal government for federal testing requirements.


    What is going to happen with other standardized tests and exams, like AP, IB, ACT, SAT?

    The organizations that run each of these exams will have to make these decisions.

    AP students in HEB ISD, please see The College Board's announcements at Information for AP Students Affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19). The College Board is working on secure, online exams for each AP course. They are also developing free online review materials. We encourage you to monitor announcements from The College Board, and to take advantage of the online review materials they provide. You should also continue to monitor your student email account, as that is how you may receive additional information.


    What is happening for students in the HEB ISD / TCC Dual Credit program? 

    TCC has extended their Spring Break for students until March 23, 2020, so HEB ISD Dual Credit students are not currently missing class. TCC is in the process of  moving all dual credit courses usually taught at ISD to online instruction. Online instruction for dual credit students is currently scheduled to begin Monday, March 23, 2020. TCC is aiming to share more information before this weekend.

    Students can prepare by making sure they can log into the MyTCC portal (, access their class, and check for communication from their instructor. For MyTCC log-in assistance or tech support contact TECH 24/7: 817-515-8324


    How can I receive a Verification of Enrollment (VOE) for my child’s driver’s license or learner’s permit?

    As of April 21, the Teen Driver page of the Texas DPS website includes this note: "***Verification of Enrollment is currently waived until further notice due to COVID-19."

    How can current students receive a transcript for college applications?

    Current students can request a transcript using the links that are usually used by alumni. Visit our Counseling & Guidance department's "Order A Transcript" page for more information.


    What is going to happen with Extended Day Academy (EDA) payments?

    • (Updated April 8) HEB ISD is working on providing refunds for Extended Day Academy tuition, and expect to begin mailing those checks next week.  
    • All Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) payments have been temporarily suspended until schools reopen.


    What will happen with remaining funds in students' cafeteria accounts?

    Any remaining cafeteria account balance will automatically carry over to the next school year. If you would like a refund, you can send an email to with the child’s name and ID number. (During the school closures, that email is being checked on a weekly basis, so don't be alarmed if you don't get a response immediately.)


    What should I say to my children about COVID-19?

    Like adults, our students can have complicated feelings that they don't always share openly. We understand that these discussions can be tricky. Take a look at these resources, so you can feel well-equipped to help your children feel secure:


    My students tell me the soap dispensers are never full.

    Keeping all soap dispensers full is always a challenge. We have found that the sad reality is that many students intentionally waste soap. When we return to school, we will ask custodians in all schools to check soap dispensers more frequently.