Summer Learning Opportunities 2021 for Advanced Academics

  • The Advanced Academics teachers across the district have considered what would be most helpful for students to do over the summer and have collaborated on the Summer Learning Opportunities listed below.

    • Some of these activities are part of the curriculum and will be graded at some point in the school year, but teachers will not expect them to necessarily be completed at the start of the course. Students who complete these activities over the summer will be getting ahead, which can be very helpful during a busy school year.
    • Some activities, such as suggestions to watch certain videos on topics to be covered, have value because they build background knowledge for the students.

    In all cases, know that teachers will not be taking grades at the beginning of the year for summer learning opportunities, nor will they be giving extra credit for them.

    As a district, our hope is that our students never stop being curious and never stop learning. Advanced Academics students in particular should do all that they can to enrich their academic lives and to prepare themselves for the opportunities that result from pursuing the most rigorous courses of study available to them.

    An extremely important investment of time is reading. We encourage all of our students to choose books that appeal to their interests. HEB Reads is open to readers of all ages!

    If you have any questions about the summer learning opportunities, you may ask the teacher of the course if a name is provided in the document, or you may contact me at

    Best wishes,
    Cheryl Harris
    Coordinator of Advanced Academics