Questions about Return to Learn

  • If you have questions about our back-to-school plans, start by viewing our detailed plan at .

    If your question is not answered in that plan, check the questions listed below. As we begin to identify common questions about our draft plans for school this fall, we will add them to this page.

    If your question is not addressed in the plan or on this page, you're welcome to send your question to us at , and we will provide the information we can.


    Questions about Online Learning 

    Attendance - Does my student have to participate in Online Learning every day?

    Yes. Online Learning will monitor student attendance daily, in accordance with compulsory attendance requirements as defined by Texas Education Agency (TEA).


    BCTEA - If I chose Online Learning, will my student be able to participate in CTE courses offered at the Buinger Career and Technical Education Academy (BCTEA)?

    Yes. Most CTE courses offered at the BCTEA will require face-to-face instruction when traditional school resumes. If your student is an online learner in one of these courses, he/she will be required to attend in person for that period at the Buinger. Transportation will not be provided.


    Computers/Devices - What are the technology requirements for Online Learning?

    Every Online Learning student in 3rd-12th grade will be required to have a Chromebook or family device with a keyboard and access to the Internet. Students in PK-2 will need an iPad and access to the internet. Campuses will communicate distribution schedules.

    • Classlink- Classlink is a virtual launching pad to digital learning tools.
    • Canvas- Canvas is an online/web-based application provided by HEB ISD that will function as a “virtual classroom”. Canvas is accessible through HEB ISD’s Classlink. Teachers will use Canvas to deliver instruction and students will use it to submit assignments. Parents will also have access to Canvas through the Canvas app.
    • Canvas Studio- Canvas Studio is an online video conferencing tool within Canvas.
    • Google Meet- Google Meet is an online tool for video conferencing. Students can access Google Meet through links posted by the teacher in Canvas.

    Students will be videoconferencing through Google Meet and Canvas Studio, which will require camera, microphone, and speakers/headphones. (Many devices have these features built-in, so you may not need a separate, external camera or microphone.)


    Curriculum - Will the online Learning curriculum mirror the Face-to-Face curriculum?

    Yes. Expectations for coursework and guidelines for grading for Online and face-to-face Learning will be the same.


    Grades - Where can I find my student’s grades?

    Based on state requirements, the HEB ISD Grading Guidelines will be followed in full for students learning face-to-face and students engaged in Online Learning. Grades will be recorded and parents and students may view official grades in Home Access Center (HAC) as outlined in the Grading Guidelines.


    Materials - Will students participating in Online Learning have access to their campus distributed instructional consumables (workbooks, journals, etc.)?

    Yes, parents may pick up instructional consumables from their child’s campus at a time to be determined.


    Schedule - What will my student’s day look like in online learning?

    Students will be required to engage in learning every day and daily attendance will be recorded. Students will receive live instruction from their teacher(s) through scheduled Google Meet “live” lessons and activities and learning opportunities embedded within Canvas. These activities may include videos recorded for learning from home, textbook and reading assignments, and graded activities and quizzes for students to demonstrate their learning.

    HEB ISD will provide a detailed schedule for students to follow for their synchronous lessons. Students will begin each content or course with a live Google Meet session. HEB teachers will plan for instruction and activities based on a typical school day schedule. This will result in schedule variance based on campus, grade level, and classes. Students and families that are not available to engage in lessons and activities during the regular school day will need to notify the teacher and complete and submit assignments by 11:59pm.


    Online System - How will my student learn Canvas (the online learning management system)?

    The first week of instruction will include a focus on developing student routines for online learning. This will include working through a Canvas course, eLearn101, where students will be guided through navigating Canvas and practice opportunities to prepare students to utilize Canvas throughout the year. Upon returning to face-to-face instruction, students will continue to utilize Canvas through online learning opportunities from their classrooms.


    Teachers - How will my student communicate with his/her teacher?

    Two-way communication is critical for success. In addition to synchronous meeting times, teachers will reach out to students to check progress, provide feedback, and communicate curricular changes. Students will also need to reach out to their teachers when they need assistance on assignments or concepts.

    Students and parents can message teachers through Canvas. Teachers will respond to assignment-related questions within the regular school day. Teachers will respond to other questions within one work day.

    Teachers will provide feedback and grades will be visible to students within Canvas. Parents can access course grades in Home Access Center (HAC). Parents will also receive directions to sign up to receive SMS Text notifications through Canvas for course announcements, assignment due dates, and grades.


    Online Learning - How will instruction be delivered?

    Instruction will be provided by HEB ISD teachers using the HEB ISD Curriculum. Teachers will use both synchronous and asynchronous (see definitions below) methods to deliver the instruction. Students will receive live instruction from their teacher(s) via Google Meet or Canvas Studio at scheduled times each day. They will also receive lessons that could be in the form of videos or other teacher-directed activities that require students to complete activities and assignments to demonstrate their learning.

    • Online Synchronous Instruction - Two-way, real-time/live, virtual instruction between teachers and students when students are not on campus.

    • Online Asynchronous Instruction - Instruction that does not require having the instructor and student engaged at the same time.

    Teachers will provide support through reteaching concepts, providing accommodations, addressing instructional gaps, and providing enrichment activities during online learning.


    Changes for Fall - Will Online Learning in 2020-2021 be different from Home Education Bridge/Emergency Online Learning in the spring of 2020?

    Yes, based on state requirements, Online Learning for the 20-21 school year will be more rigorous and structured than what we experienced during the emergency COVID closure last spring. Online Learning instruction will be aligned to HEB ISD Face-to-Face curriculum, and students will engage in daily structured and flexible work times. Attendance will be taken daily and HEB ISD Grading Guidelines will be followed.


    Teachers - Will my student be taught by teachers at his/her home campus or by teachers from other schools?

    When possible, students in Online Learning will be taught by a teacher from their home campuses. Based on enrollment numbers, some classes/courses may be taught by a highly qualified teacher from another HEB campus.


    Classes Available - what classes will be offered? What about GT, Pre-AP, AP, IB, Schools of Choice?

    Update on course offerings for Online Learning Option (OLO) and traditional school with strict safety protocols:

    • We are going to offer all Schools of Choice programs in both options. (Schools of Choice programs are listed here: )
    • Junior high and high school students in OLO will be allowed to come to campus for UIL fine arts and athletics.
    • Additionally, we will offer all pre-AP, AP, and IB classes in both formats. Please note that our normal process is still in place regarding sufficient enrollment requirements for any course offerings. If a class does not “make” or if there is a scheduling conflict, students will be contacted with available options.
    • CTE courses will be offered as well, however, many of the courses offered at the BCTEA will require in-person instruction.
    • We will continue to offer services to elementary GT students participating in OLO, and we are still developing and finalizing details of how this will be implemented.


    Special Education/504 - can students receiving special education services choose the online learning option?

    Appropriately supporting students with specialized services and supports in an online educational setting requires collaboration and instructional planning and preparation. Special education services and supports in an online setting may not mirror the services and supports that a student receives in the traditional school setting. Students enrolled in the HEB ISD Online Learning Option who are eligible for special education services will require an ARD meeting to review present levels and develop an appropriate IEP, which addresses critical areas of need and priority for online specially designed instruction.

    For more details visit these resources:


    Questions about Traditional School (TS) with Strict Safety Protocols


    Cafeteria offerings - what will be different, and what safety precautions will be in place?

    Cafeteria offerings will focus on individually-wrapped items. [Note: since the plan was posted, public health guidance has indicated that food is an unlikely avenue of transmission of COVID-19, lessening the need for individully-wrapped items.] As we start the year, elementary schools will not have salad bars, and we will re-evaluate that possibility as the year progresses.

    We are also planning toward a "no change" system -- instead of giving change, the remaining money will be added to the student's meal account.


    Devices from home -- can students bring a laptop that belongs to their family?

    Some families have asked if they can send a personal electronic device to school with your student for academic use.  These Devices include, but are not limited to communication devices, tablets, computers, cell phones, and any type of personal device. 

    If you choose for your student to utilize a personal device, parents and students are required to adhere to all state and federal law, Board policy, applicable student handbook, District rules and regulations, and the Student Code of Conduct regarding possession and use of such Devices. Please note that parents and students are solely responsible for the following:

    • The possession and use of such Devices;
    • The safety and security of such Devices;
    • Lost or stolen Devices; and
    • Any damage that such Devices may sustain while on District property.

    At no time will the HEB ISD be responsible for the items listed above.  As such, should you permit your child to possess and use a Device while at school and on District property, we strongly encourage you to read and review the material referenced above.



    Elementary arrival -- what time can elementary students be dropped off in the morning?

    Elementary students may be dropped off starting at 7:30 a.m. and will report directly to the classroom. (Elementary teacher schedules may be adjusted, but the teacher workday will not be extended.)


    Extended Day - will HEB ISD elementary schools have Extended Day Academy this year? (Updated July 21)

    Yes, we plan to have Extended Day Academy in our elementary schools on the same days that schools are open for traditional school. We will share more information with parents as we are able to finalize details. You can also visit our Extended Day Academy website for answers to basic questions about the program.

    Update July 21: Our Extended Day Academy team plans to begin registration for Extended Day Academy in early September.


    International Travel - when can students and staff return to school/work after international travel?

    Recent international travel is included on HEB ISD health screeners as a health factor that must be reported to the school district before visiting a district facility.

    HEB ISD is following current guidance from the CDC: All international travelers should stay home for 14 days after their arrival into the United States. At home, you are expected to monitor your health and practice social distancing. To protect the health of others, do not go to work for 14 days.

    See "Returning from International Travel" on the CDC website.


    Masks from home - can students wear their own masks / face shields?

    You are not required to use the specific masks / face shields provided by the school.

    If you are providing a cloth mask, those should be washed daily. A surgical mask needs to be disposed of daily.

    Personal protective equipment (PPE) will need to comply with the dress code outlined in the student Code of Conduct, which prohibits obscene content or other potential disruptions.


    Additional Questions


    Updates - Will the new guidance from the Attorney General/Tarrant County/TEA affect HEB ISD's plans?

    Update July 29: As you may have heard, on Tuesday, July 28, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton issued legal guidance on school reopening for the 2020-2021 school year. In the letter linked below, Attorney General Paxton stated that local health authorities may not issue orders closing schools for the sole purpose of preventing future COVID-19 infections.

    As we have done with each new guidance we receive from state and local officials, HEB ISD is reviewing the ruling. We will share more information as soon as possible.

    Update July 28: Tarrant County has shared this additional information about the July 21 order: Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Tarrant Ccounty School Opening Delay Order

    Update July 21: Following an order by Tarrant County Public Health and Human Services, HEB ISD will start the 2020-2021 school year online-only. More information: Parent Letter from July 21. We will work to update our draft plan as needed in the upcoming weeks.

    Update July 17:

    Today, the Texas Education Agency released updated guidance regarding the 2020-2021 school year. HEB ISD received this information at the same time it was available to the public, and district and campus leaders will need time to review the updated guidance. If this new guidance leads to changes to our Return to Learn draft plan, we will share that information as soon as possible.

    Parents of returning students: please continue to complete the online registration form if you have not yet done so. If our Return to Learn draft plan changes in a way that impacts your student’s registration, we will communicate that information to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience as we continue to receive guidance and finalize details for the upcoming school year.


    Exam exemptions - will they be offered, and will they depend on attendance?

    The exemption policy will be suspended for the first twelve weeks, at which point we will evaluate and make a determination whether to reinstate or suspend for the remainder of the year.


    Marching Band -- how will marching band be affected?

    On July 23, we shared a letter with marching band parents, announcing that our students will not participate in a competitive marching band season this fall.

    Read the July 23 Letter about marching band...


    Registration - how do I register for the 2020-2021 school year?

    We've collected this information in one central place -- visit our Registration page.

    We're asking returning students to complete the online registration form during July 14 - 20, and new students to complete the online registration form during July 21-27. (For some students, additional steps may also be needed after completing the online form.)

    If you miss those windows of time, we will still have a process for you to register, but it becomes more possible that all the spaces in a specific grade-level at a school may already be filled.


    Special Education & 504 - Do you have details for students with unique needs, connected with Special Education & 504.

    Yes -- we've collected that information on our  Return to Learn - Special Education & 504 page.


    Supplies - Will students participating in Online Learning need to purchase school supplies for the new school year?

    Yes. Families will need to purchase the standard school supplies for both face-to-face or Online Learning options. Students returning to face-to-face Instruction will need to bring their supplies to school.