Perks Patron Program

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    We are so excited to provide this website dedicated to listing discounts offered by a wide variety of local businesses to our HEB ISD staff, students and their families.  The Perks Patron Program helps us build stronger relationships between local businesses and the school community.

    Joining the HEB ISD Perks Patron program is fast and simple. Businesses that are able to offer a free, discounted or special service to HEB ISD are added to a list of participating vendors. In return, HEB ISD provides exposure to your business via our website and an email we periodically send to our employees.

    Click on link below to belcome a Perks & Discount Patron:

    Google Form Link: HEB ISD PERKS & DISCOUNTS

    Click on link below to see Current List of Perks & Discount Offering:


    Offers are updated as new businesses join the Perks program and/or specials are changed. Please check back frequently to see out latest Perks & Discounts.

    Please note: HEB ISD is not endorising or responsible for any product or service offered or purchased under this program.