HEB ISD COVID-19 Dashboard

  • When a student or staff member reports a concern related to COVID-19, our HEB ISD Health Services professionals immediately begin work to ensure the safety of everyone at our schools and buildings. Any person with symptoms or a positive test result for COVID-19 is immediately isolated from others.

    As appropriate to each situation, close contacts are identified and notified, workspaces are disinfected, and current public health guidance is followed to determine when each person may safely return to school or work. Out of caution and respect for transparency, notifications are sent to staff and parents of students who may have been at the same building at the same time as someone potentially contagious with COVID-19, even if they weren't in close contact.

    Each positive test result is reported to Tarrant County Public Health, and aggregate data is reported regularly to the Texas Education Agency.

    For more information about safety precautions HEB ISD has in place for the 2020-2021 school year, visit our HEB ISD Return to Learn Plan.

    In addition to those precautions, this page provides our community with a non-cumulative overview of lab-confirmed COVID-19 cases in HEB ISD. The student and staff case numbers will be updated regularly to reflect the most recent data available.

    Note: this data follows TEA's reporting guidance "Case information should be supplied for a student or staff member who participates in any on-campus activity [who] is lab-confirmed with COVID-19." and "Please report all new COVID-19 cases that the school was notified of the previous week (Monday through Sunday)."

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    In the tables below, asterisks (*) indicate situations that need additional clarification -- see the Notes & Clarifications section at the bottom of this page.

Students - New Lab-Confirmed Cases by Week

Students - New Lab-Confirmed Cases by Week

Staff - New Lab-Confirmed Cases by Week

Staff - New Lab-Confirmed Cases by Week
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