Extended Day Academy Parent Handbook 2020-2021

  • 2021-2022 Extended Day Academy Parent/Student Manual

    Grades PK-6th

    HEB ISD Extended Day Academy
    1849 B Central Drive
    Bedford, TX 76022

    EDA Hours: 3:00-6:00 pm all school days

    Hurst-Euless-Bedford Independent School District
    Extended Day Academy



    Our mission is to recognize and value the importance of our contribution to the development of each child in our care. We will provide for our children and parents a safe and nurturing environment where children can grow, learn and succeed in both academic and social areas through an organized structure of play and learning experiences.


    • To provide educational, enrichment and recreational activities that develops each child’s education competence, physical and social development, and community involvement.
    • To provide an Extended School Day program to address the immediate safety needs of HEB ISD.
    • To provide a flexible program that can fit the needs of the student and those of today’s busy parents.
    • To help students better relate to others and recognize the differences that makes a person unique by working and playing together.


    HEB ISD reserves the right to update this Parent/Student Manual as necessary. The information and guidelines supplied in this Parent/Student Manual are based upon conditions at the time of printing and are subject to change in order to better operate our program.

    Please keep this manual in a safe place so that you may refer to it during your child’s enrollment with our Extended Day Academy.

    Thank you for your cooperation,
    Extended Day Academy Staff


    • Due to staffing and budgetary restrictions, and because EDA is not part of the district curriculum, certain limitations may exist for student participation in EDA.
    • Students must be physically, emotionally, socially, and mentally capable of handling a 1:15 (adult/child) ratio. The maximum ratio in all EDA activities is 1:22.
    • Independent toileting is required to attend EDA.
    • Our goal is to keep all of the children and staff safe.
    • When inappropriate incidents occur during EDA the staff will use many methods of redirection and re-teaching.
    • EDA will not take responsibility for any lost or stolen items brought by students to the after-school program. Therefore, we discourage bringing items from home. The Site Manager depending on time and staff constraints may pursue investigation of lost, broken or stolen items.
    • Students must maintain appropriate behaviors in order to continue in EDA.
    • EDA has very serious consequences for physical aggression towards others.
    • Students exhibiting behavior that interfere with the safety and wellbeing of others and disrupt the EDA program may be temporarily or permanently removed from the program. Such behaviors may include temper tantrums, rudeness, disrespect, noncompliance, and physical aggression with students or adults. Parent will notified at pick-up times if behavioral problems have occurred. In the event a child’s behavior becomes unsafe to him/herself or others, the parent or another person designated by the parent may be called to pick up the child within one hour.
    • Students may be withdrawn from EDA for nonpayment of fees, continual late payment of fees, or multiple late pick-ups. Behavioral issues and /or concerns may also be a reason for dismissal from EDA.
    • In compliance with HEB ISD policy mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct among district employees, parents, and the public is promoted. We do not intend this policy to deprive any person of his or her right to freedom of expression. Rather, we seek to maintain to the extent possible and reasonable, a safe, harassment-free workplace for our students and staff. In the interest of presenting staff members and other employees as positive role models, we encourage positive communication and discourage volatile, hostile, or aggressive actions.
    • This District seeks and encourages our patrons to cooperate with this endeavor.
    • EDA may communicate with either parent of a child and such communication shall be considered a communication with both parents. Information may be delivered with children when they leave EDA. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that they request information from students.
    • Communication between home and school is vital to a successful EDA program. The EDA office communicates with parents in a number of ways:
      Email; Face to Face communication when the student is picked up.; Information posted at the EDA sign-out location; EDA website



    Enrollment in EDA after –school program constitutes an understanding that all parties will abide by the policies and procedures contained in the parent handbook.

    EDA will attempt to ensure:

    • It provides a supportive and consistent environment.
    • A site manager or assistant manager is available for parent’s concerns related to their child or the program.
    • Parents are informed about any issues of concern about their child and have the opportunity to visit with the site manager/assistant manager to improve the situation.
    • Parents are informed if their child does not arrive at EDA according to his/her enrollment information.
    • Mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct are promoted in EDA.

    Children may expect:

    • To have a supportive and consistent environment.
    • To use all EDA equipment, materials and facilities on an equal basis.
    • To receive respectful treatment.
    • To have discipline that is fair.
    • To receive nurturing care from EDA staff members.
    • To have a supportive and consistent environment.
    • To receive respectful treatment.

    EDA expects that children will:

    • Conduct one’s self in a responsible manner.
    • Exhibit an attitude of respect toward others. Respect and obey the school rules during the school day as well as during EDA.
    • Remain with their group and the EDA staff at all times.
    • Take care of materials and equipment properly and return items to their place before taking out new materials.
    • Arrive at EDA promptly, according to the enrollment information.
    • Be prepared with homework assignments and materials for academic time.
    • Leave electronic devices and toys at home.

    EDA expects that parents will:

    • Pay all fees and tuition on time.
    • Keep the child’s enrollment records up to date with the EDA site manager on their campus.
    • Pick up their child by 6:00p.m.
    • Contact their campus by calling the EDA cell phone if their child will not be attending on a school day.
    • Pay attention to any communication from the Site Manager regarding their child’s behavior and cooperate in efforts to bring about improvement in the situation.
    • Promote mutual respect, civility, and orderly conduct to all EDA staff including in person and on the phone.
    • Contact the EDA manager regarding your account when discontinuing EDA.


    2021-2022 Extended Day Academy Tuition Due Dates


    Amount Due

    Due Date

    $25.00 late fee Assessed at 7:00pm**

    Student Withdrawn from the Program if Tuition & Late Fee Not Received by-***

    Aug./ Sept.


    August 11th, 2021

    August 18th, 2021

    August 24th, 2021



    October 1, 2021

    October 5, 2021

    October 10, 2021



    November 1, 2021

    November 5, 2021

    November 10, 2021



    December 1, 2021

    December 5, 2021

    December 10, 2021



    January 6, 2022*

    January 10, 2022

    January 12, 2022*



    February 1, 2022

    February 5, 2022

    February 10, 2022



    March 1, 2022

    March 5, 2022

    March 10 2022



    April 1, 2022

    April 5, 2022

    April 10, 2022



    May 1, 2022

    May 5, 2022

    May 10, 2022

    *Due dates have been changed due to Winter Break

    **Late Fee of $25.00 will be assessed per child if full payment of $190.00 is not received by the dates listed above.

    ***Student will be withdrawn from the Academy on the dates listed above.

    The parent may re-enroll student by paying the past due tuition, late fees, and one month’s tuition of $190.00.

    If the child is enrolled in a school with a waiting list and then withdrawn due to non-payment, the child’s spot will not be held. Then if the parents chooses to re-enroll once the account is paid in full, the child will be placed on the waiting list for re-enrollment at a later time.

    2021-2022 Tuition Formula

    The fee for the school year is $1,710.00. (School closings are not included; therefore, you are not paying for EDA during the week’s schools are closed.) Tuition payments have been divided equally for 9 (nine) months at $190.00 per month (August-May). Full time HEB employees pay $95.00 per month. Our staff will be at each site to take care of the children on Early Release days. There will be no refunds or credits given for bad weather days. Instead of being charged for the early release school days, these days will be used to cover inclement weather days or other unscheduled district school closings.

    Parents please note:
    Please note that paying only $25.00 registration fee and completion of registration forms will hold your child’s place until August 11. If the first month’s payment has not been received by August 24th, your child will be withdrawn.

    Section I: Program Information

    The Extended Day Academy (EDA) at HEB ISD elementary schools are funded through program fees to provide one of the best after-school programs in the area. Our program is an academic enrichment program that helps our students in grades PreK-6th to discover and cultivate their aspirations.

    We realize that parent’s schedules are rarely the same as a school’s schedule. We also realize that many students leave school and must go home alone. In our Extended Day Academy, students participate in academic enrichment, recreational activities, and homework study.

    Extended Day Academy Office:

    Location: 1849 B Central Drive, Bedford, TX 76022
    Telephone: 817-399-2631
    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
    Website: www.hebisd.edu (listed with Elementary Schools)

    EDA Staff:

    Parent/Guardians are welcome to review or discuss any questions or concerns about the policies and procedures of the academy operations with the Academy Manager. Concerns or questions can also be addressed to the district Extended Day Academy coordinator, Maryann Snow - 817-399-2631.

    Extended Day Academy Program Hours and Days of Operation:

    (Refer to District Calendar and HEB ISD Web Site.)

    • Monday thru Friday: 3:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on school days
    • School holidays, winter break, spring break, and summer: The EDA program is closed.
    • Early Release Days: Managers report to campuses at 11:30 a.m. and begin EDA at 12:00 p.m. EDA will close at 6:00 p.m.
    • Please note: Instead of being charged a dollar fee for early release school days, these days will be used to cover inclement weather days or other unscheduled district school closing days.

    Daily Schedule of Activities

    The EDA daily schedule of activities is structured so that the children attending our program may learn in a safe, academic and enriching environment. Children are grouped by grade levels to better meet their educational and emotional needs (ex: PR-k, 1 - 2, 3 - 4, 5 - 6 or k - 1, 2 - 3, 4 – 6 grades). For an example of a weekly rotation schedule, please see chart below:

    The HEB curriculum is enhanced with additional programs and presentations provided by various community organizations. The following are just some of the agencies that may be visiting the campuses to educate the children about their community: the Arlington, Hurst, Euless, Bedford, or Ft. Worth Police/Fire Department, or Humane Society. Other activities are often included at various campuses including Beach Club, Chess Club, and on all campuses, tutoring for students selected on the campuses for targeted tutoring by their school day teacher.

    Snacks/Food Allergies:

    Parents supply a daily snack for their child. Children will not be allowed to access the vending machines in the teacher’s lounge. Children will be asked to clean up their area after snack time is over.

    Please make sure that all food allergies are brought to the attention of your EDA manager and that all allergies are properly documented on the Medical Information and Release form.

    **Parents- Please supply an EPI-Pen or inhaler if required for allergies or medical allergic reactions. These need to be given to the Manager with the doctors’ orders.

    Homework Time:

    EDA schedules 30 minutes to one hour for students to work on their daily homework assignments. EDA staff will be present to assist or answer questions that the children have about their homework assignment. If the child tells the EDA staff they do not have homework for that day, we will take them for their word. IT IS THE CHILD’S RESPONSIBILITY TO WORK ON THEIR HOMEWORK DURING THE SCHEDULED TIME. If the child does not have homework then he/she will need to supply a book for reading or EDA staff will assign an appropriate activity/book.


    Everyone knows that great instructors are the key to our great Extended Day Academy. Therefore, we look for the very best when we hire. Characteristics that we look for in a staff member are:

    • Education major or equivalent experience working with children
    • Good role model
    • High moral values
    • An outgoing personality
    • Leadership abilities
    • Desire to work with children
    • CPR/First Aid Certified or be willing to take the class (Minimum of 2 staff members are certified per campus.)

    The EDA Coordinator makes every effort to make sure that our staff members are willing to make a commitment for the entire school year, but from time to time due to personal and school schedules, a staff member will resign. Please be assured that we will make every effort to make this transition a positive and smooth one.


    Section II: Registration and Enrollment Requirements

    Extended Day Academy is not part of the HEB ISD curriculum or instructional days, so certain restrictions apply to student participation in our Academy. All students must be physically, emotionally, socially and mentally capable of handling a 1:15 adult to child ratio in all activities. Additionally, all children must maintain appropriate behaviors in order to remain enrolled in Extended Day Academy.


    • Registration must be completed by the child (ren)’s legal parent or guardian.
    • Registration is on a first come, first served basis with limited enrollment per campus.
    • Registration will be online. To register go to the HEB ISD website, Parents, Extended Day Academy, registration. Processing will take 48 hours, after all steps have been completed, including setting up or updating a Procare account, create a School Cash Online account and pay a non-refundable $25.00 registration fee for children starting in the Extended Day Academy program.
    • Each child must be registered separately.
    • Please note: All past due amounts must be paid in full before parents/guardians may enroll any children in future EDA programs.

    Enrollment Forms Requirements:

    • Parents or legal guardians must complete a registration and health form for each child in our program. The registration forms must include the child’s personal information, emergency information, authorized persons to release the child (ren) to, a medical release, behavior contract, and a fee agreement.
    • We cannot release your child to individuals if they are not listed on the daily authorization and pick up form. We will need at least three people listed to pick up your child in case of an emergency and you cannot be reached.
    • Authorized individuals must be 16 years old or older and have a valid State Driver’s License, valid State ID, Passport, or Military ID. Any person designated to pick-up your child (ren) must show ID to our staff before students are released.
    • An electronic copy of the registration documents will be kept on file at the EDA office and on the campus.
    • If you have a change in phone numbers, address, or emergency pick up list you will need to notify the school office and the EDA bookkeeper. Please be sure throughout the year to update information at the campus and main EDA office.


    Participant’s Information Files:

    • Current Information: Parents are required and responsible for providing the EDA office with updated information in writing. Failure to supply the EDA office with updated information may lead to dismissal of your child (ren) from the Academy.
    • Driver’s license: must be shown if requested to the Manager or staff member so that the child may be released.
    • Divorce/Custody Documents: Divorce/Custody documents that prohibits or limits a parent or individual from picking up our child from EDA must be on file in the EDA main office.
    • In the event that a child spends time with each parent during the week, it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to furnish a schedule to the EDA office. Simply stating “my child is with his/her mom/dad every other week” is not acceptable. The child’s schedule can be emailed or mailed to the EDA office.

    Please note: these documents may be reviewed by the HEB attorney for clarification if necessary. All EDA participants’ files are destroyed after three calendar years.


    Section III: Payment Information

    Tuition Fees:

    • $190.00 per month (regardless of number of days attended)
    • $25.00 (One time Registration Fee, non-refundable)
    • HEB ISD full time employee rate $95.00 per month

    The EDA program operates 175 days.
    The EDA fee for the school year is $1,710.00
    You are not paying for EDA during the weeks schools are closed. We have divided the $1,710.00 year’s tuition into 9 (nine) installments. This eliminates a fluctuation in tuition rates each month.

    Parents: Please remember that all tuition payments must be received in our office by the first of each month.

    ***Please note: Tuition is $190.00 a month regardless of how many days or weeks the student attends the Extended Day Academy, including absences, vacations, and suspensions from school, or assignments to SOS.

    Tuition Payment Methods: Convenient Ways to Pay

    • Sign up for Automatic Withdrawal (ACH) - from your bank account.
    • School Cash Online- through the district website
    • Bank draft
    • Pay by check or money order to the EDA manager on your campus. Make the check payable to HEB ISD, with your child’s name and school listed on the memo line.
    • Payroll deduction (for HEB employees only).
    • Mail in your check or money order to the Extended Day Academy office: 1849 Central Drive, Bedford, TX 76022, Attention: EDA Bookkeeper. If mailed, payment must be received by the 5th of the month.

    Tuition Payment Due Dates:

    Tuition Statements are sent each month on or before the 25th to the email address listed at time of enrollment.

    • Tuition is due on the first day of the month. If the payment has not been paid by 6:00 p.m. by the 5th of the month, the parent/guardian will owe the month’s tuition plus a $25.00 late fee per child ($190.00 + $25.00 late fee = $215.00). If not paid by the 10th of the month your child will be dismissed from the EDA program. It will be the parent/guardian responsibility to make other after school arrangements. Should you like to re-enroll your child, a $25.00 re-enrollment fee will apply ($25.00 re-enrollment fee +$190.00 tuition +$25.00 late fee = $240.00 and any other fees owed.)
    • Mail-in payments must be in our office by the First day of each month to be considered “On-time”. It is suggested that mail-in payments be made before the end of the month for the following month’s tuition to allow for mailing time. Mail in payments received after the due date will be assessed a $25.00 late fee.
    • Note: This includes on-line/bill payment via banking.
    • Payments must be paid in full by the 10th. We do not accept partial payments, weekly or biweekly payments unless paying ahead and the full tuition is paid in full by the 10th.

    Late Tuition Payment Fees:

    • A $25.00 late fee per child will be accessed for all tuition payments made after the 5th of each month.
    • Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) checks are charged a late tuition fee of $35.00-$50.00, and turned over to an agency to collect. (This company will assess additional charges.)

    Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Checks:

    • NSF checks will automatically be processed through our check recovery service.
    • If your bank returns your check unpaid, our contracted company may redeposit your check electronically.
    • The returned check fee is $35.00-$50.00 plus fees from the contracted company including attorney fees.
    • The use of check for payment for our program fees is your acknowledgment and acceptance of this policy and the terms of our check collecting agency.
    • Contact our bookkeeper if you have any questions at 817-399-2008.
    • After two (2) NSF checks, tuition can only be paid by credit card or money order.
    • Once contacted, parent will have two (2) days to make a non-check payment or the child (ren) will be automatically withdrawn from the Academy.

    Refund Policy:

    • Withdrawal from Program:
    • Tuition reimbursement will be given prior to the beginning of a new month, provided written notice has been given if you have paid tuition in advance.
    • Suspension:
      In the event your child is suspended from their home campus or the Extended Day Academy, no refunds or pro-rated tuition will be given.
    • Half day dismal days:
      If a child misses this day, there will be no make-ups or credits given.

    Delinquent Accounts:

    • Tuition is due on the first day of each month. If you have not paid your tuition payment by 6:00 p.m. by the 5th of the month, you will owe tuition plus a $25.00 late fee ($190.00 + $25.00 = $215.00). If by the 5th of the month at 6:00 p.m. Extended Day Academy has not received your tuition and late fee, your child will be withdrawn from the EDA program. It will be your responsibility as the parent/guardian to make other after-school arrangements. Should you want to re-enroll your child, a $25.00 re-enrollment fee will apply ($25.00 re-enrollment fee + $190.00 tuition + $25.00 late fee= $240.00 plus any other fees owed).

    Late Pick-Up Fees:

    EDA program hours are from the time school is released until 6:00 p.m. every day that school is in session. The following late fee policy is in effect:

    EDA official closing time is 6:00 p.m. per school clock.

    • A late charge of $10.00 per child is assessed for the first ten minutes or any part of the ten minutes (i.e., 6:00 p.m.- 6:10 p.m. = $10.00)
      There is an additional $10.00 charge (total of $20.00) for 11-20 minutes late. (i.e., 6:11-6:20 p.m.)
      Then 21-30 minutes late = $30.00 (i.e., 6:21-6:30)
      The late fee will continue in the same manner up to one hour*.
    • Late pick-up fees will need to be paid to the EDA staff immediately.
    • Failure to pay late pick-up fees by the 1st of the following month will result in suspension or dismissal from the program.
    • At 6:10 p.m. if the parent has not picked up the child, emergency contacts will be notified.
    • Arrangements to authorize additional individuals to pick up participants by 6:00 p.m. may be made by contacting the EDA manager on the campus.
    • In the event of a major traffic or weather incident that causes multiple parents to be late, the Manager may waive the charges over the initial $10.00 fee. The base fee will not be waived. To prevent a charge, please provide additional authorized family/friends to pick up.

    Please note:
    *If a child has not been picked-up one hour after the program has ended and there has been no contact from the parent, we will assume an emergency situation exists. The local police department will be contacted to provide the child with a safe environment until a parent or designated adult can pick up the child/children.

    Withdrawal Procedures:

    Any parent requesting to withdraw their child (ren) from Extended Day Academy:

    • Must notify the EDA manager in writing by the 25th of the month.
    • Parents are responsible for tuition until proper written notification is received by the Manager.
    • Any child (ren) withdrawn from the program many be readmitted only as space allows. (We do not hold spaces). A $25.00 non-refundable registration fee will be assessed at that time.
    • Please note: Parents/legal guardians will be blocked from enrolling any child (ren) in future EDA programs until all past due payments are paid in full.


    Section IV: Extended Day Academy Policies and Procedures

    Attendance and Absences:


    When a child is going to be absent from the EDA program, the parent must call and leave a message on the Managers phone. Voice messaging is available 24 hours a day.

    When you call, please speak clearly and slowly and state the following information:

    • Child’s name and grade
    • Your name and call back number

    If the parent/legal guardian does not notify the office, the EDA manager will be contacting the parent/legal guardian to verify where the child is that day.

    • Extra-Curricular Activities:
      Please understand child safety is our top priority in the EDA program, so failing to keep us informed causes safety issues.

      You must notify the Manager in writing if your child will be attending any extra-curricular activities during the EDA program hours of 3:00-6:00 p.m. The teacher/activity form must be completed. To be approved parent, teacher, and manager signatures must be on the form and then turned into the Manager.

    If your child attends EDA and participated in any after school activity (i.e., choir, tutoring, orchestra, Girl Scouts, etc.) please make sure your child/children reports directly to the EDA program first to check in with their EDA manager, then proceeds to the afternoon activity. If the activity ends during EDA hours, the teacher or organization leader is required to escort student back to the EDA instructors due to security reason.

    Please note:

    • Children are not allowed to leave the EDA program by themselves, they must be picked up.
    • Children or parents are not allowed to return to their daytime class and room after school has ended for any reason.


    If an EDA participant is involved in an accident involving head injury (i.e., collision in a tag game, etc.) the parent will be contacted for immediate child pick-up.

    Air quality, Outdoor Play and the Weather:

    The weather in North Texas is unpredictable at best and the following guidelines for outside play will be observed. Children will not play outdoors when the temperature/heat index exceeds 100 degrees. Air quality is also a factor in determining whether outdoor play is safe. Employees are advised to use precaution on days when the temperature or heat index is high. The staff will limit outside time and ensure that the students have access to adequate water prior to, during and after outside play.

    The following index is used as a guide for outdoor play in regards to air quality:

    Air Quality Color

    Air Quality Description

    Play Guidelines



    Great to play outside



    Safe to play outside


    Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups

    Take it easy during outside play; afternoon play limited to 15 minutes



    Outside play before 10:00 am


    Very Unhealthy

    No outdoor play

    Temperature limits:

    • Children will go outside daily with their group unless the temperatures are below 45 degrees
    • Children will go outside daily with their group unless the temperature/THI (temperature heat index) is above 100 degrees and/or the air quality is not acceptable.
    • No refunds will be given for inclement weather days or other unscheduled district school closing days.

    Care and Concern Reports:

    Care and concern reports are written regarding children who have expressed an emotional concern to the EDA staff. Depending on the severity of concern, we will contact the school counselors, school administration, or CPS for follow-up support for the child and family.

    Clothing and Personal Property:

    EDA does not keep extra clothes on site. Parents may provide a change of clothes if needed. All clothing and other items should be clearly marked before bringing them to school. Children should dress appropriately for a child’s play environment, both inside and outside. Closed toe shoes are required (non-skid shoes are recommended) for the safety of the child.

    Child Abuse:

    It is our obligation as an after-school program to report any suspected child abuse to the Child Protective Services. The program staff is trained in recognizing and reporting child abuse and neglect. Staff are required by law to file a report if they have cause to believe that a child’s physical or mental health or welfare has been adversely affected by abuse, neglect, or is victim of indecency with a child by any person. A report is made to the Child Protective services hot line at 1-800-252-5400.

    If an allegation is made against a staff member, a report will be made to child Protective Services immediately. Appropriate actions will then take place with the staff member in accordance to human resource procedures.

    Code of Conduct:

    The HEB ISD Extended Day Academy will follow the guidelines in the HEB ISD Student Code of Conduct in regards to student behavior. The Student Code of Conduct has been developed in compliance with relevant law, including the requirements of Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code and is in force at school-related or school sponsored events where school personnel have responsibility for students. The District may impose campus, classroom or program rules in additional to those found in the Student Code of Conduct.

    Violations of the statues, policies, regulations and rules will result in appropriate behavior management methods as outlined in this code. A student whose behavior shows disrespect for others, including interference with learning and a safe environment, will be subject to disciplinary actions. Serious/ and or persistent violations of the statues, policies, regulations and rules will ultimately result in a student being subject to more serious penalties. Students who are consistently non-compliant during EDA may be released from the program. Depending on the severity of the incident, suspension or termination may be enforced on the first occurrence. All suspensions or terminations will have the HEB ISD Extended Day Coordinator approval before being implemented.

    Program Rules:

    *Due to the nature of our program, parents please be aware the HEB ISD Extended Day Academy is not a behavior modification program. Children who continually disrupt or do not follow the HEB ISD Student Code of Conduct will be suspended or dismissed depending on the behavioral infraction.

    We ask that all parents review the HEB ISD Student Code of Conduct and the guidelines listed below with your children:

    • All EDA participants must be physically, emotionally, socially and mentally capable of handling a 1:15 (adult/child) ratio. The maximum ratio in all EDA activities is 1:20. They must be able to interact appropriately in a group setting of 1:15-20 ratio, follow directions, and rotate with the group from one activity to the next. They must be able to independently travel from one location to another, example- gym to the cafeteria.
    • One on one supervision is not available.
    • Listen to the Manager and staff members.
    • Ask staff members to go to the restroom or leave an activity.
    • Students must be potty trained and be able to self-toilet. (EDA Staff members cannot change diapers, pull ups, wipe bottoms, or change the child’s wet clothing.)
    • Students must remain on the school site and EDA group, unless with parent/legal guardian or authorized individual.
    • Be polite and courteous to all staff and students.
    • No foul or rude language to the staff or in front of the students.
    • No fighting, biting, horseplay or excessive physical behavior.
    • Participate in all activities.
    • No arguing – only discussions regarding the problem and trying to come up with a solution.
    • No negative comments or attitudes directed towards anyone at the Academy.
    • Use of cell phones/electronic games, toys, etc. by EDA children is prohibited except for advertised electronic days. (Your site manager will let you know if they will have one this year.)
    • There will be no destruction of HEB ISD or Extended Day Academy property.
    • No inappropriate touching of other Extended Day Academy students or staff members. (This is grounds for dismissal from the Academy.)

    Conduct/Communication – Parent/Legal Guardian:

    HEB ISD schools, including the EDA, shall foster a climate of mutual respect for the rights of others. A spirit of cooperation is a must if quality education and effective discipline are to be a reality. Respectful conversations between parents and EDA staff will allow for open communication and an opportunity to resolve concerns. Please schedule a conference after the EDA program ends at 6:00 if you wish to discuss concerns at length with your child’s Manager. At no time are parents/guardians allowed to address a discipline issue with another EDA participant. The EDA manager or Coordinator may ask a parent/guardian to leave if they are engaging in disruptive activity on the campus. [GKC LEGAL] / [GKC LOCAL].

    Conduct/ Communication-Parent/Legal Guardian:

    Parents/legal guardians need to address issues and concerns in an appropriate manner to the staff and at no time are the parents/legal guardians allowed to address a discipline issue with another EDA participant.

    • All discipline issues are to be handled by the EDA staff members and managers. If you do not feel that the EDA manager has resolved your concerns, please call the EDA District Coordinator at 817-399-2631.
    • If you would like to discuss discipline issues at length with your child’s manager, please contact the EDA coordinator to schedule a meeting when the children have gone home for the day.
    • It is unacceptable for a parent/legal guardian to express hostility in any manner toward an EDA staff member, EDA manager, or EDA participants.
    • Please be aware that communication is a vital part of EDA. Please be respectful when addressing the EDA staff as they are in a teaching environment. Any lengthy communication would be scheduled after the EDA program ends after 6:00 p.m. If parents or guardians choose to not communicate with the EDA staff concerning any of the above conduct rules, then your child many be suspended until a meeting between parent/guardian and EDA manager can occur. There will be no refunds or pro-rated tuition given.


    Extended Day Academy takes a positive and preventative approach to discipline. We cultivate an environment where all student /parents/ staff are encouraged and empowered, communication is open, and expectations are known. This ensures a positive environment which minimizes behavioral issues.

    Extended Day Academy policy is applicable to all students:

    • As we are part of HEB ISD, all school rules and behavioral standards will be followed as they are during the school day.
    • Students will participate in the activities and rotation process of Extended Day Academy.
    • Students will not be permitted to have electronic devices or toys during Extended Day.
    • Students will be held responsible for their behavior.

    Although we understand that at times children may still struggle with their behavior, the following guidelines are in place to address such issues.

    • Verbal reminder from instructor
    • Time out based on age
    • Discipline/Incident report
    • Suspension
    • Dismissal from the Extended Day Academy

    Please be aware that depending on the behavioral infraction these guidelines may be altered as deemed appropriate by the Extended Day Coordinator.

    Drills: Fire, Tornado, Lockdown, and other Emergencies

    The children and staff participate in monthly drills for emergency procedures including but not limited to fire drills. When the alarm is sounded, the students will follow the direction of the staff in a quick, quiet, and orderly manner to the designated safe area and remain there until they may safely resume their daily activities.

    Emergency Contact:

    • Parent/Child Communication:
      When a parent needs to contact their child at the program, for emergency reasons only, the parent must call the EDA manager and they will relay the message to the child. Please do not contact the school. Schools offices close at 3:30pm.

    General Safety:

    Although safety procedures have been implemented by the district, the cooperation of students is essential to ensure school safety. Students should follow the behavioral standards in this handbook and the Student Code of Conduct, as well as any rules of behavior and safety set by district staff. The student is to remain alert and promptly report to district staff any safety hazards, such as intruders on campus and threats made by any student or staff member. Staff and students will know emergency evacuation routes and signals.

    Health/Illness of Participants:

    Parents are responsible for informing the EDA manager of any special needs, concerns, or information regarding their child’s health.

    All students must be able to participate in the full range of activities offered. Any child meeting any of the following criteria will not be admitted to the program:

    • The illness prevents the child from participating comfortably in the program activities.
    • The illness results in greater need for care than the staff can provide without compromising the health, safety, and supervision of the other children or staff.
    • Children will go outside as weather permits with their group.

    Parents will be notified by phone if the participant becomes ill while at the program. If the parent cannot be reached, the emergency contact will be called. Any child experiencing a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or contagious skin or eye infections, will be removed from common areas and should be picked up within one hour of contact with the parent.

    Parents must provide written statement from the doctor stating the child is free from contagious disease before returning after a contagious illness.

    In the event of critical illness or injury, proper medical personnel and parents will be notified. At the discretion the medical personnel, the child may be transported to an emergency room or clinic by ambulance or by the parent. Parents will be responsible for any expenses incurred.

    EDA follows the health guidelines set forth by HEB ISD Health Services when applicable to the program.
    HEB ISD Health Services Standard of Practice:
    Signs and Symptoms for Exclusion from School.

    The major (but not only) criterion for exclusion from attendance is the probability of spread from person to person. A child may have a non-excludable condition, but is still unable to participate in the educational process until the interfering symptoms have been resolved.

    Students who exhibit the following signs and symptoms will be excluded from school until the symptoms are gone for 24 hours or a physician provides written information that the condition is not contagious or that the student is under treatment and may return to school.

    1. Fever (oral equivalent) of 100 degrees or more
    2. Ringworm of the scalp until treatment has started
    3. Persistent vomiting (two or more episodes)
    4. Diarrhea – two or more watery or loose stools, whether or not associated with fever
    5. Skin rashes if purulent, weeping or associated with fever
    6. Persistent cough with bloody sputum

    These signs and symptoms below require school RN consultation and assessment, and may result in exclusion:

    • Inflamed or watery eyes
    • Green/yellow nasal discharge
    • Skin rashes not already defined above
    • Itching or lesions of scalp, nits
    • Incontinence of feces or urine

    The school RN or Red Cross/First aid certified Manager will make the decision to send a student home based on her/his assessment of the potential risks to that student and others at school, her knowledge of the student’s medical history, and information from other school personnel regarding the student’s ability to participate in the classroom.

    If there are any questions about health concerns, the school nurse is available for assistance during school hours.

    The Extended Day Academy will adhere to the Medication Policy set forth by HEB ISD Health Services.

    MEDICATION AT SCHOOL (Quoted from the HEB ISD Student Code of Conduct)

    “All medication (prescription and over-the-counter) that is required to enable a student to stay in school may be given at school under the following conditions:

    • Medication must be provided by the Parent and the parent must request that the District administer the medication.
    • Prescription medication will be administered as prescribed by a licensed United States physician/dentist.
    • Nonprescription medication will be given, upon a parent’s written request, when properly labeled and in the original container. Controlled substances, i.e. Ritalin, must be transported to the school by an adult. The medication must be turned in to the school nurse/designee by the student immediately upon entering the building.
    • All medication, prescription and nonprescription, must be in its original, properly-labeled container.
    • Medication must be accompanied by the “Physician Request for Administration of Medicine”: form.
    • Medication will be administered by a school nurse or by a non-health professional designated by the principal or school nurse (except for prescription asthma medication or anaphylaxis injectors, and diabetes management medication and supplies, with physician and parental written permission). The school nurse must be consulted if the student requires long-term medication, any health care procedures, or monitoring.

    Students are not allowed to possess medication (prescription and/or over-the-counter) at school or while attending a school-related function, with the exception of prescription asthma medication (such as an inhaler) or emergency anaphylaxis injectors (such as an EPI-pen), and then, only with proper written authorization to carry it from a licensed physician and the parent. The student must demonstrate responsible use of the self-carried medication or the privilege will be revoked. Violations of this policy and drug-related laws shall result in disciplinary action and/or legal prosecution. (Minimum 3-day DAEP placement for possession of over-the-counter medications and 5-day DAEP placement for possession of prescription medications not considered a controlled substance.)

    Herbal substances or dietary supplements provided by the parent will only be administered if required by the student’s individualized education plan (IEP) or Section 504 plan for a student with disabilities. The district assumes no responsibility for loss or negligent behavior of students who violate the rules/laws associated with this policy. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Student possession or distribution of over-the-counter and/or prescription medications, except as allowed above, shall result in disciplinary action and may result in arrest and/or legal prosecution.”

    Please note: The EDA program staff does not dispense medication. If your child requires medication during EDA program hours, please make arrangements with the campus nurse so medication may be given prior to arrival at EDA. Inhalers, EPI pens and diabetic supplies are to be given to the EDA manager for use by the child, as needed. Please make sure all inhalers, EPI pens and diabetic supplies are labeled. If your child/children have any life-threatening illnesses, please contact the nurse at your child’s campus so that procedures may be put in place at EDA.

    Minor Injuries and First Aid:

    We recognize that children will get minor scrapes, bruises, etc. during the program, so the site is equipped with first aid supplies. A minimum or two staff members including the Manager have been trained in Child CPR and First Aid in order to handle minor emergencies. If a child receives an injury above the shoulders or anything other than a minor scrap or bruise, the parent will be notified. If we suspect your child needs medical attention, the parent will be called to pick up their child. For serious medical emergencies requiring immediate medical care by a health care professional, 911 will be called and the child’s parent/guardian will be notified.


    If the school has a movie site license we may periodically show a “G” rated movie during EDA.

    Outside Service Providers

    We do not allow non-HEB ISD employees, to provide counseling, therapies, music lessons, art lessons, dance lessons etc. during the Extended Day Academy hours unless they have followed the guidelines for renting a district facility as outlined in Board Policy GKD.

    Outdoor Play

    Outdoor play is necessary for the healthy development of children. Weather permitting, outside play is scheduled for each group daily.

    • All children who are well enough to attend EDA will play outside.
    • Due to staff/child ratios the program will not be able to accommodate children who are unable to participate in these types of activities.
    • Parents are asked to not request children “stay inside due to illness”.
    • Please be prepared for sudden weather change by having a jacket or sweater available in the fall and spring.

    Potty Trained

    All EDA students must be fully potty trained to be enrolled in the Extended Day Program. EDA Staff members cannot change diapers, pull ups, wipe bottoms, or change the child’s wet clothing. If a child has an accident the parent will be contacted to pick up their child.

    Pick Up/Release Policy:

    Parent/Authorized Person/Legal Guardian Release Policy

    • Parents may pick their child up at any time during the official program hours.
    • Please be considerate and arrive by 6:00pm. Late charges will apply after 6:00pm.
    • Children are not permitted to leave the Extended Day Academy by themselves.
    • The registration form includes a section for the parent or legal guardian to provide the names of those persons allowed to pick up their child (ren) from the EDA program. You must give this information directly to EDA manager at the campus.
    • Driver’s license numbers: Must to be supplied for each authorized person, including the parent or guardian.
    • Divorce/Custody Documents: Divorce/Custody documents that prohibits or limits a parent or individual from picking up a child (ren) from the EDA program must be on file in the EDA office.
    • Must be 16 years old or older: Authorized individuals must be 15 years old or older and have a valid State Driver’s License, valid State ID, school ID, Passport, or Military ID. If individuals are under 18 years old, a waiver must be signed and filed with the Manager before the child/children can be picked up. EDA student may not be released to anyone under the age of 15.

    The following procedures will be followed at all times:

    (1) When a parent/legal guardian or authorized person comes to pick up the child (ren), they are required to sign the child (ren) out.
    (2) Children are not allowed to sign themselves out of the program nor are they allowed to leave the site without being accompanied by an adult, parent, or guardian. Children are not allowed to walk home from Extended Day Academy.
    (3) Until familiarity is established, identification will be requested. This does include parent(s)/legal guardian until staff becomes familiar with you. (Please be patient with staff or substitute staff when they ask to see your Driver’s License.)
    (4) Children who plan to walk home are not allowed to leave our program if they come and check in. They will have to remain at Extended Day Academy
    (5) When a child is signed out they must leave the campus with their authorized pickup.
    (6) Students will not be allowed to be signed back into Extended Day Academy after being signed out.
    (7) If we suspect the person picking up a child is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, we will call 911 and request police assistance.
    (8)An authorized pick up person (including one-time pick-ups) will receive all the info that needs to be relayed to the parent/guardian that day. This includes correspondence from the office, communications from the staff, and/or any other information deemed necessary.
    (9) All persons listed on the enrollment forms will be able to sign students out.

    The Extended Day Academy will not allow any unauthorized individual to enter the campus. Doors will remain locked at all times. Please have your Driver’s License readily available at pick-up each day to present when entering the building. When an unauthorized person comes to pick up a child, the following procedures will be followed:

    (1) EDA staff will ask for identification (Driver’s License) on anyone they are not familiar with and refer to the information they have at the site. If they do not have information about this individual the Manager will contact the parent/legal guardian at work or at home to inform them of the person on site asking to pick up their child (ren). The parent or guardian will be asked for their driver’s license number.

    (2) The sign-out policy and the reason for it will be explained to the person desiring to take the child (ren).

    (3) The parent or guardian will be asked to grant permission for their child (ren) to be released to the person on site.

    (4) Once permission is granted, the child will be released to the person on site.

    (5) If the parent or guardian cannot be reached or does not grant permission, the child will not be released to the unauthorized person.

    (6) If the unauthorized person takes the child (ren) without permission, the police will be notified.

    For safety reasons we do not allow:

    • In and out pick up for EDA students. Once they are signed out for the day they may not return until the next day.
    • A child who missed the school day or leaves before school has ended, will not be allowed to attend EDA that day.
    • Parents/guardians/third party individuals will not be allowed to volunteer with their children during EDA hours.

    Reports (Discipline or Accident reports)

    All reports will be signed by the parent or authorized pick-up signing the child out that day. This is an acknowledgement of receiving the discipline or accident form.


    • Participants may not be transported to and from activities or home by staff’s personal vehicles.
    • EDA managers and staff are prohibited from babysitting EDA participants during the school year.

    Temperature limits:

    • Children will go outside daily with their group unless the temperatures are below 45 degrees
    • Children will go outside daily with their group unless the temperature/THI (temperature heat index) is above 100 degrees and/or the air quality is not acceptable.
    • Children must remain with their assigned group and will not be placed with other groups during their outside rotation.
    • No refunds will be given for inclement weather days or other unscheduled district school closing days.

    Waiting lists:

    • All campuses have a maximum number of students in their program determined by space availability.
    • When we reach our maximum number per campus we will begin a waiting list.
    • Students will be placed on the waiting list by date order.
    • When an opening occurs in a particular grade level the child that was placed on the waiting list first in that grade level will be contacted to fill the spot.
    • The parent will have three days to complete the online registration and pay the $25.00 registration fee and begin attendance within two weeks.
    • If the parent cannot be reached, does not return the phone call, or cannot register within this time limit listed the child will be removed from the waiting list and the next parent on the waiting list will be contacted to fill the slot.

    Weather Policy:

    • EDA will follow the HEB ISD schedule for closing during bad weather.
    • Radio Stations: WBAP 820 AM, KRLD 1080 AM, or TV Channels 4, 5, 8, and 11 will carry news about school closing in case of bad weather or some disaster.
    • If bad weather develops during the school day and schools are closing early or if bad weather develops during EDA hours please make arrangements for your child (ren) to be picked up immediately.
    • This information can also be found on the district’s Web Site at: www.HEBISD.edu


    Visitors to the program are expected to observe the rules established by program staff and to demonstrate the highest standards of courtesy and conduct.


    Quick Reference Page

    1849 B Central Drive Bldg. B, Texas 76022 • 817-399-2631
    Office Hours: 10am to 6pm Monday thru Friday

    Times you will need to notify your Manager-

    • Absences of your child from the EDA
      The EDA manager’s number may be called 24 hours a day to report an absence.
      When you leave, a message- be sure to list child’s name, parent name, campus, and grade.
    • Change of address
    • New home/work number
    • New pickup person
    • Issues/questions concerning your child
    • Late pickup of child
    • If your child is attending an activity somewhere else on campus during EDA hours. (We must have parent’s signature on the teacher activity form.)

    Payments to the EDA Program-

    • Tuition:
      Payments are due on the first day of the month
      August/September 2021 payment of $190.00 is due by the first day of school.
      October - May Tuition: $190.00 per installments
      Methods of payment: Automatic withdrawal from your account (ACH) credit card, School Cash Online,, check, cashier’s check or money order
    • Tuition Late Fees:
      Tuition late fee is $25.00 after the 5th of the month.
    • Late Pickup Fee:
      1-10 minutes = $10.00
      11-20 minutes = $20.00
      21-30 minutes = $30.00

    Early Release Days:

    October 29th, December 17th, February 17th
    Program hours on Early Release Days are 12:00-6:00 pm. (Instead of being charged for the early release schools days, these days will be used to cover inclement weather days or other unscheduled district school closing days.)

    EDA School Holidays:

    September 6th ; October 11th; November 22nd -26th; December 20th -January 5th ; January 17th ;
    February 18th and February 21st , March 14th-18th; April 15 and April 18th, Last day of EDA- May 25th

    Bad Weather Days:

    There will be no refunds or credits given for bad weather days. Instead of being charged for the early release schools days, these days will be used to cover inclement weather days or other unscheduled district school closing days.

    Parent Reminder:

    Parents please be reminded that if you are called for a child pick-up (accident, discipline, etc.)
    someone must be there within 20 minutes.


    The Parent/Student Handbook policies are subject to change throughout the school year in order to better operate the program. All participants will be notified by email of any changes made and the date the changes will be in effect.

    Each EDA campus has a cell phone: please use this number to contact your child's EDA Site Manager:

    • School - EDA Cell Phone - Site Manager
    • Arbor Creek - 682-266-7188 - Alyssa Blake
    • Bedford Heights - 817-992-2677 - Vickie Butler
    • Bell Manor - 817-487-3456 - Blake
    • Bellaire - 817-992-2855 - Karen Hernandez
    • Donna Park - 817-992-2917
    • Harrison Lane - 817-992-2857 - Beverly Obregon
    • Hurst Hills - 817-992-2916 - Alex Rivera
    • Lakewood - 817-944-0788 - Jacquelyn Cutbirth
    • Meadow Creek - 817-992-2937 - Holly Moore
    • Midway Park - 817-564-5496 - Stacy Lorenti
    • North Euless - 817-773-5025 - Roderick Bester
    • Oakwood Terrace - 817-992-2961 - Therese Pollard
    • River Trails - 817-897-8444 - Sandra Stojanovic
    • Shady Brook - 817-992-2967
    • Shady Oaks - 817-992-2938 - Sarah Thornhill
    • South Euless - 817-458-1069 - Kaitlyn McCue
    • Spring Garden - 817-965-6795 - Brandi West
    • Stonegate - 817-343-8163 - Maudie McKinney
    • Trinity Lakes - 817-991-8332 - Kimberly Perez
    • Viridian - 817-235-8162 - Denise Blue
    • Wilshire - 817-999-3160 - Adrianna Cantu

    Questions for EDA please call 817-399-2631
    Financial questions should be directed to our bookkeeper at 817-399-2008
    If an emergency arises, please contact the EDA manager at the number above.
    The managers answer the phones between 2:00pm and 6pm if before or after that time please leave a message or call the office at 817-399-2631


    HEB ISD Extended Day Academy Student/ Parent Handbook Acknowledgement Page

    (Please Print)
    Student’s Last Name: ___________________________ First Name: ____________________

    School Name: __________________________________ Grade level: ___________________

    Check all that apply:

    • My child’s immunization record is on file at the school.
    • All required immunizations and/or tuberculosis test are current. Vision and hearing records are also on file.
    • I hereby give my consent for my child to be transported and supervised by the program’s employees in case of an emergency.
    • My child has permission to be released to the care of his/her sibling(s) between the ages of 15-18 years old. The sibling’s name is: _______________________________
    • I give HEB ISD permission to use my child’s name, likeness, image, voice, appearance, and/or performance in all forms of information and publicity releases, internal and external to the District, including the media.
    • I understand that a signed acknowledgement page must be received by the program during my child’s first day of attendance.
    • In the event that a check written to any HEBISD campus, club or organization is returned unpaid by your bank, HEBISD, or its agent, will redeposit your check electronically. Additionally, you understand and agree that we may electronically collect a returned check fee of $35.00-$40.00 plus applicable sales tax and fees. The use of a check for payment is your ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and ACCEPTANCE of this policy and its terms.

    Your signature below acknowledges that you have received physically or electronically the HEB ISD Extended Day Academy Student-Parent Handbook and that you have been given notice of the rules, responsibilities and consequences outlined in this handbook.

    I hereby release and indemnify HEB ISD from any and all liability associated with the services provided by HEB ISD under this agreement. I furthermore understand that this is a legally binding contract between HEB ISD and myself.

    Please sign in the space provided to satisfy this requirement. Extra copies of this acknowledgement page are available for siblings in a family.

    Parents Please sign and return to the Extended Day Academy Manager:

    I, ______________________________________, have received electronically or physically, and will read the Parent handbook for the HEB ISD Extended Day Academy for the school year 2021-2022. I also understand that I must supply any missing information to the Extended Day Manager by the next business day or my child’s space may be forfeited to the next person on the waiting list.

    Parent/Legal Guardian Signature: ________________________________ Date: ____________

    Manager’s signature: __________________________________________ Date:____________