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    Social-Emotional Wellness June 2021 / Summer Edition (Accessible Version)

    Created by: HEB ISD Crisis Intervention & Prevention Team

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    Our Team

    The Crisis Intervention & Prevention Team addresses mental health concerns, prevents suicide and self-harm, and creates a positive school environment for all students. **Team available during school year hours only**


    Common Diagnoses in Children & Adolexcents

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    Helpful Websites & Resources

    • Tarrant Cares - Online information service for individuals, families, caregivers and agencies. This one resource will provide you with countless solutions for issues your family may be facing.
    • Recognize & Rise - Awareness campaign designed to support those who have experienced the impact of trauma, toxic stress and adversity.
    • Mental Health TX - Assess this website to find help for yourself or someone else from social services, hotlines and mental health assistance. Educational resources also available.
    • Tarrant County Homeless Coalition - Tarrant County Homeless Coalition leads the community solution to homelessness in greater Tarrant and Parker counties by serving as a catalyst for community transformation.


    Summer Conversations: Fostering Meaningful Connections

    Fostering meaningful connections with our children is a great way to keep lines of communication open that allow us to educate on mental health, ask about their own mental health and stay updated on any red flags. Summer can be a great time to reconnect with children and adolescents after a busy school year but if we're not careful it can also lead us astray. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:

    • Pick a series to watch together! And don't just watch but talk about it throughout the week
    • Have them teach you something new (a dance, a videogame, a trick, a sport, etc.)
    • Cook a meal together once a week! Let them pick the meal to inspire creativity & empowerment
    • Take advantage of no homework afternoons & longer days to take a walk & talk (Keep it Fun!)
    • Play! Whether it's dirt digging with your youngest or a game of basketball or video game with your oldest; playing with your children can be a stress free, no pressure approach to connect.

    Remember, rules & tasks can change behavior but connection can change the heart to create sustained change.


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    Healthy Coping Skills

    Cope: /kōp/ verb (of a person) to deal effectively with something difficult.

    Dealing with something effectively is not always done in healthy ways. Unhealthy coping may create more mental health concerns. Below, you'll find a list of unhealthy practices that you or those you know can replace with healthy coping skills. It is important to practice these as much as possible in order to prep our brain & body on what to do when under stress.

    Replace This: With This:
    Overthinking Watch a funny video
    Compare yourself Write a gratitude note
    Lash out with anger Take a walk
    "Shut down" by not talking Identify a song to relate to
    Self-injury/harm Do not isolate; Find a friend
    Overeating or Stress Eat Drink some cold ice water
    Drugs/Alcohol Exercise (bonus: w/ a friend)
    Isolate in a room Share feelings w/ emojis
    Nail biting/picking Fidget with safe item
    Impulsive text Write it & toss it out

    Check out this YouTube resource for more ideas: A to Z of Coping Strategies OR Learn more about Types of Coping Skills


    Counseling Resources


    Extra Material & Info


    Emergency Mental Health Assessments

    If your child is suicidal an evaluation to assess level of risk can be done at the following locations: