Health Classes

  • Starting with the 2021-2022 school year, health classes in HEB ISD are part of the school district's Science department.

    About Health classes

    • In grades K-9, health is integrated into the science and physical education classes. The nurses, counselors and child nutrition department are also part of the delivery for the health TEKS.
    • In grades K-6, health power point presentations are shown via the televisions during lunch in the cafeterias on a regular basis.
    • In grades 10-12, students are required to complete 1/2 semester of health as part of their graduation requirement.
    • Grades K-5, the curriculum includes communicable diseases.
    • Grades 6, 8 and HS, the curriculum has a communicable diseases unit that including STD's .
    • Approximately two weeks prior to the communicable disease curriculum being taught, a letter will be sent home to parents notifying them of the upcoming lesson. A parent may opt for their child not to participate in the communicable diseases including STD lessons.


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