• HEB ISD Data Scorecard

    Career & Technical Certifications

    Each year, HEB ISD students earn thousands of professional certifications and licenses, before they even graduate from high school. Each of these achievements results in a real-world, industry-based qualification that the student can immediately list on a resume and use in their career.

    While the overall number of certifications earned shows the powerful impact HEB ISD has in supporting our local economy, the school district monitors the pass rate on these exams. This set of data helps us ensure we are accurately assessing student progress throughout their Career & Technical Education course of study, and using those formative assessments to empower students to succeed.

    The chart below reflects the percentage of career and technical education students who have passed all certification and licensure exams taken.

    Note: This data lines up with Success Measure 1.4K in HEB ISD's Strategic Plan.