Elementary World Languages & International Business Initiative

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    Elementary World Languages & International Business Initiative

    An HEB ISD Schools of Choice Program

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    Elementary World Languages & International Business Initiative are special opportunities offered to students through HEB ISD's Schools of Choice program. Students in these programs have the opportunity to learn high-demand global languages -- Mandarin Chinese or Arabic -- offered by few public school districts.

    The World Language program is offered at Viridian Elementary from first grade through sixth grade. International Business Initiative (IBI) courses begin in seventh grade at Central Junior High. High school students at both L.D. Bell and Trinity High Schools can also participate in IBI through courses at Bell and Trinity.


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    Students with the Skills to Compete

    The world is changing rapidly, and our young people will interact with people of a variety of cultures more than any generation before them. In HEB ISD, our vision is to build global citizens whose cultural proficiency allows them to find success in any arena, domestic or international. Students who become fluent in another language, particularly in one of the languages identified as a critical need language by the United States Department of Defense and the State Department, have a great advantage in dealing with countries around the globe to promote diplomacy, prosperity, and security. Such students will enjoy the benefits of decreased culture gaps while participating in the global community. HEB ISD offers students the unique academic challenge of learning Arabic or Mandarin Chinese beginning as early as the first grade. Our aligned course of study then continues all the way through graduation.


    Elementary: World Languages

    The elementary World Languages Schools of Choice Program is the first of its kind in HEB ISD. In grades 1-3, students explore both languages, building a strong foundation in the associated history, traditions, art, and music as well as an understanding of oral vocabulary skills. In grades 4-6, formal target language instruction can begin. Structured inquiry, critical thinking, and real world problem solving will provide the framework for exploration of language, art, music, geography, and history at each grade level. Participating students will leave sixth grade with an academic edge if they choose to continue instruction in their chosen language through HEB ISD's International Business Initiative.

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    Junior High & High School: International Business Initiative

    The IBI program begins in seventh grade and continues through high school. In addition to acquiring formal linguistic skills in these languages, students will develop an in-depth understanding of the cultures, history, and economics of the regions where these languages are spoken, and in so doing, gain a better appreciation of the role the United States plays in this global economy.

    Beginning in ninth grade, the district offers study abroad opportunities with host families and partner schools in India, China, and Morocco. Students interested in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program may take their language B course and exam in their IBI language.


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  • What is Schools of Choice?

    HEB ISD's Schools of Choice programs go beyond the "core" curriculum. These limited enrollment programs focus on specific, special topics. Students can grow their artistic talents, explore cutting-edge advancements, and develop skills to compete with a global workforce.

    Each program has its own set of requirements and its own academic path to completion, giving families the freedom to decide which path is right for their child.

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