Extended Day Academy Registration Instructions (2022-2023)

  • If you have your student's ID number, please click on the link below to begin your child’s EDA registration. If your child is currently registered and you do not have your child's student ID# please contact your school for this information. Please allow 3-5 business days for our office to process your application. When we process your application, we will send a follow-up email either with congratulations your child is registered in EDA  or what steps you are still missing and will need to complete.

    Extended Day Academy's online enrollment for the school year 2022-2023 opened May 13th. Please click on the link to complete your child’s EDA registration on or after May 13th. Enrollment is not complete until your registration form is completed, a procare account is created/activated and your $25.00 per child’s registration fee is paid in School Cash Online. If you are a returning parent all balances must be paid in full and have a zero balance before registering for the 2022- 2023. When these steps are complete your child’s spot will be held until the 1st day of school.

    Enrollment will continue until your child’s school’s EDA program is at capacity. If your child’s school is at capacity you will receive an email from the EDA office and your child placed on a wait list. We will hold your registration fee until you are placed in the program or the last day of school. As openings occur on the campuses we will fill the spots from the waiting list in date order of completed registration and $25.00 registration fee per child has been paid in school cash online.

    Extended Day Academy Application

    Extended Day Academy online enrollment is now open for students who are enrolled in HEBISD (Registration for PreK will begin July 26th and Kinder will be open on July 12th.) We will review your application, checking to see if there is space available on your enrolled campus and in their grade level. We will also verify if all previous balances are paid in full before continuing the application process. When the application is complete, all previous balances are paid in full, you have completed the procare registration step, and paid the $25.00 (per child) school cash online registration fee, you will be notified by email of acceptance into EDA or placement on the waitlist for your student’s enrolled campus. Please allow 3-5 business days after completing all 3 steps to receive email communication from the EDA office.

    The application process has three steps. Please follow the links below to complete all registration steps for EACH child that you would like to register for EDA.


    Step 1 - Complete EDA Form

    Please click on the link below to begin your child’s EDA enrollment:

    2022-2023 EDA Application Form


    Step 2. Procare

    If you have more than one child that will be attending EDA, you will need to create or update your family ProCare account.  Each child’s information must be entered into the system.You will need to complete each blank that has an asterisk, including the home phone number.  If you do not have a home phone number, you can fill it in with your cell phone number. On the line where it lists cell phone carriers, you will need to leave that area blank.  Also, remember to use the grade level your child will be in this coming school year, 2022-2023.


    Procare for EXISTING EDA students:

    If you have had a student(s) enrolled in EDA in the past 3 years, you only need to review and update the information in your procare account for each of your students for 2021-2022 school year. Click on the link below to update information, select menu, select registration.

    MyProcare registration current student


    Procare for NEW EDA students:

    If your student(s) has never been enrolled in EDA, you will need to set up a Procare account. During this process you will provide information regarding address, grade levels, who is allowed to pick up students, etc. Click on the link below, select menu, select registration.

    Procare registration New student

    ****If you have more than one child you are trying to enroll you will need to follow the steps  above for the first child. For the second child or more you will need to submit another response by following the link at the bottom of the page and then email miriammoore@hebisd.edu or lesliekeeton@hebisd.edu with the subject line reading: Adding a new sibling to the existing account. In the body of your email include your Student's full name, date of birth, campus name, grade level, sibling name, parent full name, address and primary number. 


    Step 3. Registration Fee

    The final step is to pay the student registration fee through School Cash Online. The link below allows you to pay the $25 registration fee per student.

    Registration fee/school cash online

    This fee will be listed as a district fee of $25.00 per child. The form requires entry of each student’s name and student ID number. Before you check out, you will be asked to create a School Cash Online account if you do not already have one.

    If you are having issues with School Cash Online, please visit this page for steps to register for an account: School Cash Online (www.hebisd.edu/SchoolCashOnline).



    You will be notified by email when your student’s registration has been processed. Please monitor your email for communication from EDA with a confirmation of your EDA reserved seat or placement on the waitlist for your campus.

    Please allow 3-5 business days after completing all 3 steps to receive email communication from the EDA office.

    ***Please remember to complete all three steps 1 and 3  for each student that is applying for  EDA. ***

    If you would like to register a second or third child you will need to complete step one for each child, complete step 2 and pay the $25.00 registration fee per child. 

    2022-2023 EDA Application Form (for additional children)