Payroll Documents & Forms

  • Annualized Salary FAQ

    2023-24 Payroll Schedule

    2022-23 Payroll Schedule

    Deduction Cancellation Form

    Direct Deposit Form: Complete the form and send or bring it to the payroll office along with a legible copy of your bank information.  Bank information options: voided check, bank provided form, screenshot of your bank information from your device. Payroll will not accept a direct deposit change form via email. You may drop off the form, send it interoffice mail, fax it to 817.864.0608 or drop it in the Human Resources night drop box.

    Employee Access Center - If you need your Employee Access Account reset, email with your employee ID number, or call 817.399.2057 during business hours.

    Employment Verification

    Former Employees - You will have access to your Employee Access Center for at least five years from the date of your final check. You will need to maintain access in order to download your pay stubs or W-2 forms. Payroll does not distribute hard copies.

    Name Change Packet - Once you have completed the packet, please return it to Payroll along with a copy of your new social security card.   If you make any changes to the beneficiary designation on the TRS beneficiary form, you will need to put each beneficiary's full social security number. Use your prior or maiden name on the first line and sign the form with your new name. Your HEB ISD login will remain the same and will never change even with name changes. Contact Payroll at or call 817.399.2057 if you have any questions.

    Salary Schedules

    Taxes - Changes in Income Tax Withholding (on IRS website)

    Taxes - Form W-4  (on IRS website)

    Taxes- Form W-2 FAQ


    TRS Education Membership Videos

    TRS Education Membership videos provide information about commonly asked questions regarding TRS member pension benefits. All employees should find something useful in each video. Watch each video in the series here.


    TRS Retirees - Employment after Retirement  

    All retirees hired by HEB ISD shall be required to complete a monthly calendar showing days and hours worked. These calendars are located in the HEB Staff Global Google Drive and will be assigned to each person individually. If you are a retiree and have not received a calendar link, please contact Payroll as soon as possible.  

    The following is an excerpt from the TRS Website Employment After Retirement (EAR) Limits (for Retirees) page:

    When Allowable Limits Are Exceeded

    Impact to Individual (Retiree)

    If a service retiree's employment exceeds the EAR limits, the retiree may be at risk of forfeiting some or all of their annuity. Service retirees are subject to a "three strikes" warning procedure before forfeiting their annuity payments. More information about the three strikes process can be found in the TRS EAR Brochure.

    Impact to Employer

    A TRS-covered employer incurs surcharges when a TRS retiree who retired after Sept. 1, 2005 works more than one-half time during a month.


    Make sure that you are adhering to the limits on employment after retirement:

    Information you need before working after retirement (pdf)

    EAR Limits Trifold Brochure (pdf)


    NOTE:  Always call TRS Member Services to verify what hours you may work at 1-800-223-8778  [Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–6 p.m. automated information available day or night, seven days a week].