Rezoning Proposal - Fall 2019

  • Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD is experiencing growth in student population at Viridian Elementary school. The school has a capacity of 850 students and enrollment now exceeds 870 students. Therefore, it has become necessary to develop a plan for rezoning several areas and adjusting some attendance boundaries from Viridian Elementary to South Euless Elementary. (Junior high and high school zones would not be affected.)

    At a forum on November 27, 2018, parents in the proposed rezoning areas were invited to learn more and ask their questions. You can download the slides from that forum, or look below for the text from the slides:


    Why the need to rezone?

    There are several reasons for this decision.

    1. Viridian Elementary was constructed with a capacity of 850 students and opened in 2014. The current enrollment is 870 and projected enrollment for 2019-2020 is 900+ without rezoning.
    2. Viridian currently has 1,100 homes with a total of 180 anticipated to be completed by May 2019. At build-out in 5 years the Viridian community is anticipated to have 5,000 residential units.
    3. In 2018-2019, all classrooms are occupied. Additionally, two computer labs and a science lab have been converted to classrooms to accommodate increased enrollment.
    4. Careful consideration given to the selection of planning areas to be rezoned included geographic proximity to South Euless Elementary, student numbers within the planning area, and the ability to effectively transport.
    5. As the district participated in both short-term and long-term planning, we considered the impact of the continued development of Viridian and the anticipated opening of a new elementary campus in 2020. Decisions were made to address rezoning in the least disruptive manner.
    6. Students rezoned to South Euless Elementary with this proposal will not be impacted by any rezoning with the opening of the new elementary campuses in 2020.

    Questions and answers

    Q: How were the rezoned areas identified?
    A: Criteria included geographic proximity to South Euless Elementary, student numbers within the planning area, and the ability to effectively transport.

    Q: Will transportation be provided for students in the rezoned area to South Euless Elementary?
    A: All students in the rezoned area will continue to receive transportation.

    Q. How can my student remain at Viridian?
    A: Students may apply for a transfer to stay at their current campus during the Transfer Window (January 3, 2019 – March 8, 2019). General transfer requests will be reviewed in August after all registrations have been completed. Transportation is not provided for students who are granted transfers.

    Students who completed the 5th grade at Viridian may apply for a transfer during the Transfer Window and if space allows receive a transfer to complete 6th grade at their current campus. Transfer requests for 5th to 6th grade at Viridian will be considered in April.

    Q. How will my Schools of Choice (SOC) student be impacted by this rezoning?
    A: SOC students who live in the area being rezoned must apply for a transfer during the Transfer Window to remain at Viridian. These transfers will be granted. Parents will be responsible for transportation to Viridian. Suzuki Strings students who live in the area being rezoned may continue in the program at South Euless.

    Q. How will the rezoning plan impact current VRE students in the SOC lottery for 2019-2020?
    A: Students will be considered based on their home campus for 2019-2020. Students who will attend SEE next year will not be considered as VRE home campus students for the lottery.

    Q: If my child is rezoned, will this impact the junior high or high school he or she attends in the future?
    A: No, we are not rezoning junior highs and high schools at this time.

    Q: Is it disruptive to young children to move them to an unfamiliar campus?
    A: Students are very resilient to change, especially when their parents are supportive of the change. Young children tend to acclimate to their new environment quickly.

    Q: My students is currently in the Extended Day (ED) program at Viridian. Will they be able to enroll in ED at South Euless?
    A: Current enrollment for Extended Day will allow for some additional students. Proposed rezoned students will be able to pre-register for the Extended Day program at South Euless in May.

    Q: When will the rezoning plan be presented to the School Board for approval?
    A: A recommendation will be presented from the administration at the December 10th School Board Meeting. Board Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held at the Administration Building located at 1849 Central Dr. Bedford Texas, 76022