• Student/Parent Device Agreement

    HEB ISD utilizes a 1:1 technology device ratio for all students to help with performing classwork assignments, school related communications and covering all of the grade appropriate technology TEKS. In grades Pre-K - 1 your student will be assigned an Apple iPad that will stay at school. In grades 2-12 your student will be assigned a Chromebook or Windows laptop and charger. This device will go home with your student and your student is expected to bring their device every day to school.

    Student/Parent Device Agreement

    NOTE: In this agreement "we", "us", "our", and "HEBISD" mean the Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD and "you" and "your" mean the parent/guardian and the student enrolled in HEBISD indicated below. The "device" is an electronic device owned by HEBISD and provided to your student.

    1. Ownership and Content/Use Subject to Release:

    A. In exchange for your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this Agreement, HEBISD will license and provide to your student a device to be used solely for educational purposes, school-related communications, and performing classwork assignments. At all times, the legal title to the device is retained by HEBISD. Your right of possession and use is limited to and conditioned upon your full and complete compliance with this Agreement and the HEBISD Acceptable Use of Technology Regulation for Students, which is available on the HEBISD website. Your failure to comply with these regulations will result in the termination of this Agreement and HEBISD may repossess the device.

    B. You may not share, lend, give or release a HEBISD device to anyone. If a law enforcement agency is seeking to take the device, you must contact HEBISD immediately. Subject to state and federal laws, HEBISD will cooperate with local, state, or federal officials conducting an investigation concerning the device you have.

    C. Be aware that you have no rights to confidentiality when using the device. Contents of the device, your HEBISD email account, information regarding your Internet usage, and network communications may be reviewed at the sole discretion of HEBISD. Additionally, by signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that HEBISD is required to comply with the Texas Public Information Act (the 'PIA'). This means that contents on the device may be subject to release to the public upon HEBISD's receipt of a request for information under the PIA. As such, you agree to fully and timely comply with any and all directives issued by HEBISD in its efforts to comply with the PIA. You recognize that this may mean that email content, Internet use history, network communications, and other similar information may be released to third parties if required by the PIA or other state or federal law.

    2. Additional Terms and Conditions of Use:

    A. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, your license to use and possess the device is also conditioned upon your student's enrollment in HEBISD. This license terminates no later than the last day of your student's enrollment in HEBISD, unless earlier terminated by HEBISD for any reason or no reason, or upon your student's withdrawal from HEBISD. In the event that a device is not returned as described,

    HEBISD will report the device as stolen to the local police department. If the student withdraws from HEBISD during the summer months, when campuses are closed, the device must be returned to the Technology offices in the Pat May Center located at 1849 Central Drive Bedford, Texas 76022.

    B. If a device is damaged or otherwise inoperable, the student must present the device to his/her school's Technology Technician for inspection and repair. If, in HEBISD' sole determination, the issue is not related to the manufacturer's warranty or the device shows signs of damage that may have caused the inoperability, the total repair or replacement cost will be billed to you.

    C. In the event of repair or replacement, HEBISD will make arrangements for the student to use a temporary device.

    D. HEBISD does not give permission for a HEBISD device to be repaired by anyone other than the HEBISD's Technology Department. If a device has been repaired by another entity or person, HEBISD will consider the device to have been destroyed and you will be subject to full replacement cost.

    3. Term of Agreement:

    The term of this Agreement is for one school year. A new Agreement must be signed at the beginning of each school year or whenever your student initially enrolls at HEBISD.

    4. Device Expectations for Care:

    Students are expected to be responsible for and exercise care for the device issued to them at all times and in all places by using the following guidelines:

    Keep the device secured at all times and never leave unattended or on the floor

    Stored safely and properly at all times in a properly padded case/bag, including during Extracurricular events

    Carried closed and with two hands

    Keep liquid and food away from the device and at a different level than device (example, water on floor, device on desk).

    Unplug cables gently

    Clean with a soft cloth (such as a cotton t-shirt)

    Do Not use cleansers of any type on the device

    Never put the device in or on any liquid

    Report damage, misuse or any problems with the device to an adult immediately

    iPads must remain in the district provided cases.

    Warranty Disclaimer:



    If you do not fully comply in a timely manner with all terms of this Agreement and the HEBISD Acceptable Use of Technology Regulations for Students, including the timely return of the property, HEBISD shall be entitled to declare you in default, and take possession of the device.

    5. Repair Charges

    An incident is some form of physical breakage associated with the device. If the incident is deemed intentional damage, in the district's sole discretion, the cost of repair is based on the damage and will be charged to the student. A notification will be sent to parents, student and assistant principal.

    1st incident - No cost for repair unless the incident is deemed intentional damage. A notification will be sent to parents, student and assistant principal.

    2nd incident - $15 fee will be assessed, unless the incident is deemed intentional damage. The cost of repair is based on the damage and will be charged to the student. A notification will be sent to parents, student, assistant principal and campus bookkeeper.

    3rd incident - The full cost of device repair will be charged to the student. A notification will be sent to parents, student, assistant principal and campus bookkeeper.

    Theft of your device must be reported to the local police department within two calendar days of the theft. You also must notify HEBISD by the next school day after the occurrence. A copy of the police report must be provided to HEBISD at your student's campus, and replacement of the device will be subject to a new $15 fee (or reduced fee or scholarship, if applicable).

    If accessories also were stolen with the device, (e.g. case, power adapter and cables), these also will be replaced upon receipt of payment for the device and the police report. If no police report is filed, you are responsible for the full replacement cost of the device. If the case, power adapter and cables also are stolen, and we have not received a supporting police report, you are also responsible for the
    replacement cost of these items.

    If the device is lost, you are responsible for the full replacement cost of the device. If the case, power adapter and cables are also lost, you are also responsible for their replacement cost. You must notify your student's campus by the next school day after the loss.

    *Replacement chargers and cables may be purchased from HEBISD Technology Services. If purchased from another entity, the chargers and cables must be manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer designed specifically for the student device.

    Acceptance of Agreement

    By accepting the device and signing this Agreement, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless HEBISD, its officers, agents, servants, representatives and/or employees from any and all claims, suits, actions, legal proceedings, demands, damages or judgments, including all expenses, attorney fees, witness fees, costs, and costs and expenses of appeals arising out of your use of the device including, but not limited to, your intentional or negligent acts and/or omissions. This paragraph shall survive termination of this Agreement.

    I understand that if I or my student(s) violate any procedures, regulations or rules, that I/we may face legal or disciplinary action according to applicable law and HEBISD policy and rules, including the Student Code of Conduct. I also understand that I will keep the device assigned to me for the duration of my enrollment or until the device is updated during a refresh cycle, as determined by HEBISD.

    My Signature below acknowledges that I agree to the Technology Agreement for the school year.