• FAQ: Junior High Exam Exemptions (2022 - 2023)

    We've compiled this list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about junior high exam exemptions. If you have additional questions, please contact the front office or administrative team at your school.

    How many exemptions can a student earn based on attendance?

    0-2 absences result in 2 exemptions, 3-4 absences result in 1 exemption, and 5 or more absences result in no exemptions. 

    What is considered an absence in junior high school?

    An absence is defined as being in class for less than 26 minutes at the junior high level. Any absence of one period or more will count as an absence for the day.

    Do tardies count against exemptions?

    Yes, four tardies are counted as one absence.

    Are there any absences that do not count against a student's exam exemptions?

    Yes, absences for participation in a school-sponsored activity, observance of a religious holy day, and funerals are the only absences that do not count against a student's exam exemptions with proper documentation. No other exceptions will be made to this exemption policy.

    What happens to a student’s exam exemptions if they receive a disciplinary assignment?

    Receiving a disciplinary assignment to on-campus suspension (ISS/Crossroads) or off-campus suspension (OSS) or alternate education program (SOS and/or JJAEP) will result in losing exam exemptions.

    What is the minimum grade requirement for a student to use an exam exemption?

    A student must have a grade of 80 or above in the class to use an exam exemption.

    Can exam exemptions be used for cumulative projects?

    No, exam exemptions cannot be used for projects that are cumulative for one week or more.

    What is the minimum enrollment requirement for a student to be eligible for exam exemptions?

    Junior High students must be enrolled for a minimum of 15 weeks of the semester to be eligible for an exam exemption.

    Can exemptions be carried over to the next semester?

    No, exemption passes must be used in the qualifying semester only and may not be held from one semester to the next. They must be presented at the time of the test.

    How do trimester courses impact exam exemptions for junior high students?

    Junior High students taking trimester courses will adhere to the High School Exam Exemption Guidelines for that course.