Order A Transcript

  • Important Note: Standardized Test Scores are part of the transcript. These can include, but are not limited to: SAT ACT, AP, IB, TSI, and STAAR EOC. Some colleges will not accept standardized scores on a transcript as official scores and will require that scores be sent directly from the testing company.


    During our spring 2020 school closure, current students should use Parchment.com to order transcripts. 

    When you click the link below for your high school, you will need to create a new account on Parchment.com

    If you are a business/employer and only need to verbally verify a person's graduation date, please call us @ 817-399-2051. No fee is charged for verification.

    If you are a current student who needs a transcript, please visit your school's Counseling Office.

    If you are an alumni, the fastest way to request and receive your transcript is by ordering online with the Parchment.com links below. Transcripts sent electronically or mailed through USPS will cost $5.00 for each transcript. You can pay with a credit or debit card thru Parchment.com.

    If you are an alumni and are unable to order a transcript online, you may instead request a transcript from our District office:

  • To pick up your transcript in person (at the HEB ISD Admin Bldg):

  • To have someone else pick up your transcript in person (at the HEB ISD Admin Bldg):

  • To receive your transcript by mail from the district office: