Feeder Chart (2020-2021)

  • Important Notes:

    • Each home address in HEB ISD is assigned to attend one elementary school, one junior high school, and one high school.
    • This unofficial Feeder Chart shows the most common progressions of students as of the 2020-2021 school year. It is intended only as a general reference about schools, and not as a specific reference for every student's pathway.
    • To find the official schools a home address is assigned to attend, use HEB ISD's School Boundary Locator.


    HEB ISD feeder chart showing progression from elementary school through junior high and high school


    Note: in the lists below, "‡" denotes elementary schools that feed into more than one junior high school.

    • Euless Junior High students come from Arbor Creek, Lakewood‡, Midway Park‡, North Euless, Oakwood Terrace‡, South Euless, Viridian‡, and Wilshire‡; then Euless Junior High feeds into Trinity High School.
    • Harwood Junior High students come from Lakewood‡, Meadow Creek, Midway Park‡, Spring Garden, Shady Brook‡, Viridian‡, and Wilshire‡; then Harwood Junior High feeds into Trinity High School.
    • Central Junior High students come from Bell Manor, Donna Park‡, Oakwood Terrace‡, Stonegate‡, Trinity Lakes‡, and Viridian‡; then Central Junior High feeds into both L.D. Bell and Trinity High Schools
    • Bedford Junior High students come from Bedford Heights, Donna Park‡, Harrison Lane‡, Shady Brook‡, Shady Oaks, and Stonegate‡; then Bedford Junior High feeds into L.D. Bell High School.
    • Hurst Junior High students come from Bellaire, Harrison Lane‡, Hurst Hills, River Trails, and Trinity Lakes‡; then Hurst Junior High feeds into L.D. Bell High School.