Overview / History

  • front of Spring Garden Elementary

    Spring Garden Elementary, rated as an "Academically Acceptable" Campus by the Texas Education Agency, offers an excellent, well-balanced, academically challenging program in a positive, safe environment conducive to learning. We believe that all children can learn. Teachers, parents, administrators, and community volunteers work diligently to improve the school's mission by using a site-based decision making process of ongoing collaborative planning and sharing data based research.

    Through this joint effort of active parent and community involvement with a supportive staff, our school excels in its various programs of library volunteers, room assistants, publishing company, computer assistants, tutors, and after school clubs. There is always room for one more volunteer.

    The PTA, recognized at the national and state levels as one of the top units, is very instrumental in our school's success through its support of time and resources. Spring Garden is a wonderful place for teachers to teach and children to learn and grow together. Our motto is "Children First, Now and Always."