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College, Career, and/or Military Ready (1.5A)

HEB ISD Data Scorecard

College, Career, and Military Ready

HEB ISD provides students high-quality preparation for post-secondary success. To ensure students are taking advantage of the opportunities offered, HEB ISD monitors data the Texas Education Agency refers to as "College, Career, and Military Readiness."

There are many ways graduating high school students can prove they are ready for the future:

  • College Ready
    • Meet Texas Success Initiative (TSI) Criteria in English Language Arts/Reading and Mathematics
    • Meet criterion score of at least 3 on Advanced Placement (AP) Examination and/or 4 or more for International Baccalaureate (IB) Examination
    • Earn Dual Course credits of at least three credit hours in English Language Arts or Mathematics or at least nine credit hours in any subject
    • Earn an Associate’s Degree prior to graduating from high school
    • Complete an OnRamps Dual Enrollment course qualifying for at least three hours of university or college credit in any subject area
  • Career Ready
    • Earn a TEA approved industry-based certification 
    • Complete Career and Technical Education (CTE) coherent sequence coursework aligned with approved industry-based certifications 
    • Graduate with completed Individual Education Plan (IEP) and workforce readiness 
    • Earn a Level I or Level II certificate in any workforce education area
    • Graduate under an advanced degree plan and be identified as a current student served through special education
  • Military Ready
    • Enlist in the United States Armed Forces

The chart below reflects the total percentage of graduates who have gone beyond the minimum graduation requirements to follow at least one of these paths.  

Note: This data is aligned to Success Measure 1.5A in HEB ISD's Strategic Plan.  College, Career & Military Ready data is reported on the Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR) and lags by one year.