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Strategic Plan

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Download the HEB ISD Strategic Plan for 2019-2024...

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning sets the district's direction and organizes the work of the district around a standard plan of action. The Hurst-Euless-Bedford ISD follows a goals-based strategic planning process. Goals and strategies are created to fulfill the district's Mission and Vision statements. The goals and strategies span a 5-year timeline with an annual review to make any necessary changes. The goals and strategies are implemented through campus and department level improvement plans.

The Strategic Plan is created in partnership with key stakeholders, including staff, student groups, parent representatives, and community representatives.

The plan recognizes students today face a uniquely challenging future. Graduation requirements have increased, and high stakes tests have been introduced at all levels. In addition, the cost of a college education is escalating at a pace that exceeds the inflation rate. In response to these realities the Strategic Plan defines the five District goals for 2019-2024. These goals will guide the District in the areas of student achievement; effective and efficient operations for all components; quality teaching, administrative, and support staff; safe, healthy and nurturing schools; and enduring relationships with stakeholders.

These goals reflect the District's core messages to ensure every student is empowered today to excel tomorrow.