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Athletics Department

Required forms (HEB ISD and UIL) for Student Athletes

HEB ISD offers a wide range of athletic programs for secondary students. The Athletic Department consists of the Director of Athletics, a Financial Secretary, and a Department Secretary. In addition, each high school has an athletic coordinator while junior high campuses have boys and girls athletic coordinators. Programs vary by grade level but include baseball, basketball, cross country, football, golf, gymnastics, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field, volleyball, and wrestling.

The HEB ISD Sports Hall of Fame has its own website at


The HEB ISD athletic department is a vital, contributing part of the total education system. It is an educational arm instrumental in molding our students into productive citizens of society. Athletics is critical in developing the whole child by inherently teaching life skills such as pride, team work, discipline, commitment, perseverance, and goal setting.


  • Model class, character, and dignity throughout the organization.
  • Instill in all students an exemplary work ethic and the qualities of citizenship and sportsmanship.
  • Model and emphasize the importance of a quality education.
  • Involve as many students as possible in a positive athletic environment.
  • Be a fixture in the UIL state playoffs.
  • Ensure that all sub-varsity team members participate in each contest.
  • Be vertically aligned so that all levels are responsible and accountable for success.
  • Demonstrate that each of our athletic teams is well coached, highly disciplined, and extremely organized.
  • Develop and maintain a complete and comprehensive off-season program.
  • Establish a district-wide bond of loyalty and pride that reflects the principles and attitude of the HEB ISD.
  • Ensure that the HEB ISD athletic department objectives support the mission and goals of the HEB ISD.

Athletics Staff

Mike Fielder
Director of Athletics

Lesley Kowalski

Cheryl Bills


For Tickets or Ticket Information:
Julie Bockman - 817-399-2305
Stadium Manager

Additional Information

The mission of the HEB ISD athletic department is to help young men and women, through competitive athletics, develop an appreciation for academics, attitude, integrity, and accountability.