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Curriculum & Instruction


In conjunction with teachers serving as curriculum writers, the Curriculum Department provides a curriculum for use with students across the district. This curriculum is aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). It also emphasizes the Core Knowledge that all students should learn. This curriculum is continually reviewed and revised as the needs of students evolve.


The HEB Teaching and Learning System emphasizes how the district's curriculum is implemented in the classroom. This system provides a framework for best practices for instruction. The Continuous Improvement Model and a focus on student ownership of learning are the cornerstones of instruction.


The district works with teachers to provide an assessment system that emphasizes the use of formative data to inform the district's curriculum and instruction. This assessment system focuses on ensuring that each student is prepared for the next grade level or course. Visit the Department of Accountability & Assessment

Curriculum & Instruction Staff

Holly Norgaard, PhD
Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Tanya Morales

Note: Staff of individual curriculum areas are listed on those areas' websites.

The Curriculum Department's mission is to providing quality teaching and learning to all students in HEB ISD.