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SB 1306 / Texas Education Code 26.015

From the 86th session of the Texas Legislature, SB 1306 amended the Texas Education Code such that school districts shall post contact information for a campus administrator regarding student discipline. Typically, parents can get the fastest response by contacting an HEB ISD school's front office -- for convenience, we are sharing that information as well.

Calling a school

The best way to call a school is typically to call the school's main phone number. This is the best way to reach a person who can then direct your question to give you the best, fastest response. Each school's phone number is available on this page:

 HEB ISD List of Schools with phone numbers and addresses

Emailing school staff

Email addresses for school staff are listed on each school's website, under the navigation heading "Teachers & Staff". For convenience, you can use the links below to access each school's list of Administrators & Front Office staff, which will include those staffmembers' email addresses.


Junior High

High School

Texas Education Code 26.015 Compliance List