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Computer Science


elementary students with laptops showing visual coding

Computer Science

An HEB ISD Schools of Choice Program


Computer Science is a Schools of Choice program offered to HEB ISD students in elementary (3rd – 6th) and secondary (7th – 9th) starting in the 2021-2022 school year.  Harrison Lane Elementary and Midway Park Elementary will host the elementary program and Euless Junior High will host the secondary program.

ELEMENTARY:  All students will be able to participate in computer science classes starting in Kindergarten.  Students in grades K – 2 will have bi-weekly computer science lessons with the computer science teacher.  In addition, the computer science and classroom teachers may co-teach additional lessons aligned to the core curriculum.  In grades 3 – 6, students can opt in to the CS program, where they will take Computer Science during their Fine Arts rotation in lieu of Art (fall) and Music (spring).  During this time, Art and Music projects will be built into the CS curriculum at each grade.  Students in the CS program will study a new device each year and will be able to check out a device to have at home. 


SECONDARY (New in 2021!):  This STEM pathway will launch at Euless Junior High beginning in August 2021.  There will be space for 50 students, who will begin in 7th grade with Investigating Careers – CS and Touch Systems Data Entry.  In 8th grade, these students will take Introduction to Computer Science, which is a Tier II (5.0 GPA) class, and in 9th grade, will be able to take AP Computer Science Principles, which is a Tier III (6.0 GPA) class.  In addition to these advanced classes, students will have the opportunity to participate in state and national CS competitions as well as the district’s JH Esports team.  Advanced certifications and internships will be available in high school through the Buinger CTE Academy. 


What is Computer Science?

Computer science, or the study of learning to code, is more than a skill set. Computer science fosters creativity, encourages trial and error, and teaches students critical thinking. Development of these skills at an early age is critical to a student's success, both personally and academically.


Why should I take Computer Science?

Computers and computing technology are part of everything we do - from the cars we drive to the movies we watch to the businesses we shop with. Having a strong background knowledge of computers and computer science will enable students to be better problem solvers and out-of-the-box thinkiners, as well as better collaborators and communicators. The elementary program will give students exposure to many types of careers and opportunities open to them as they grow. They will be able to explore a variety of technology tools and gain experience working in teams to solve problems as they learn.

Student shows a laptop with Hour of Code activity in progress

What is Schools of Choice?

HEB ISD's Schools of Choice programs go beyond the "core" curriculum. These limited enrollment programs focus on specific, special topics. Students can grow their artistic talents, explore cutting-edge advancements, and develop skills to compete with a global workforce.

Each program has its own set of requirements and its own academic path to completion, giving families the freedom to decide which path is right for their child.

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