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Junior High Theatre


Junior High Theatre

An HEB ISD Schools of Choice Program

Junior High Theatre is a special opportunity offered to students through HEB ISD's Schools of Choice program. At Bedford Junior High and Harwood Junior High, students develop acting and performance skills. They'll make connections to technical production, directing, writing, and more. After junior high, students can continue their study in the theatre programs at either L.D. Bell or Trinity High School.

For more information about applying for Junior High Theatre, visit the HEB ISD Transfers webpage...


Students working with a stage light on a low scaffold


About Theatre Education

Many students are drawn to the theatre by the opportunity to express themselves through the fine arts. HEB ISD's theatre arts programs provide that and more. The holistic experience of a theatre production prepares our students with the skills needed to be tomorrow's world-class leaders.

Students of theatre in HEB ISD follow several projects from start to finish, while continuously improving their skills. They experience different roles on a production team, seeing how each is vital to the quality of the final performances. The students build their confidence with their own voice, both among their collaborators and in front of a larger audience.

These specialized skills empower students to lead successfully in their future careers, and to carry an enlightened appreciation for the arts throughout their lives.

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Group photo of students and director at a writing workshop


What is Schools of Choice?

HEB ISD's Schools of Choice programs go beyond the "core" curriculum. These limited enrollment programs focus on specific, special topics. Students can grow their artistic talents, explore cutting-edge advancements, and develop skills to compete with a global workforce.

Each program has its own set of requirements and its own academic path to completion, giving families the freedom to decide which path is right for their child.

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