About KEYS High School

      • KEYS is an acronym for "Keeping Eligible Youth in School."
      • KEYS High School is a unique instructional approach to providing effective education for junior and senior students in HEB ISD.  These students have been identified as having significant personal and/or academic needs and may not be able to remain on their home campus.


        The mission of KEYS High School is to educate, empower, and promote independent readiness for all students.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does it differ from the traditional school setting?

    KEYS High School offers the opportunity for students who have dropped out or are "at-risk" of dropping out of school to complete required coursework needed for high school graduation. Individualized instruction, and a quality, caring staff are the keynotes to this approach.

    Is the curriculum the same as a traditional school?

    KEYS High School follows the TEKS, just as the regular school campus in the core academic areas. We offer a limited selection of electives. In many ways, accelerated instruction is harder for many students because they must have the discipline to work independently. Hallmark features of KEYS include: self-paced course work, individualized curriculum, computer-assisted instruction, continual progress, and smaller classes.

    Who qualifies to apply for admission to this school?

    KEYS student admission is based on an application and interview process.  You may request an application through your home campus counselor.  All parts of the application must be completed.

    Note: It is important that all parties in the application process know that attending KEYS is a PRIVILEGE! It may be the last resort for a student to stay in school. If a KEYS student is not regularly attending class, is truant, or if the student is not ready for the individualized responsibility of this learning environment, the student will be asked to find another school to attend or return to their home campus.

    How many credits are needed to graduate from a traditional school versus KEYS?

    L.D. Bell and Trinity High Schools require 26 credits.

    KEYS requires 22 credits.  All KEYS students graduate under the minimum state, or Foundations graduation plan. KEYS has limited electives, and no extra-curricular activities. We do not have advanced placement classes.

    What are the fees for attending KEYS High School?

    The $36.00 fee includes: parking sticker, mailing fees, ID, transcript, and all materials in excess of minimum requirements.  ALL FEES MUST BE PAID BEFORE ENROLLMENT IS COMPLETE.

    Does KEYS have a cafeteria?

    Yes. The cafeteria serves a hot entree, plus Gatorade and snack items are also available. If you are on free/reduced meals at your present school, you still qualify at KEYS. For an application, please see Ms. Smith, the registrar, or fill out the online application on KEYS website.

    Is there bus service to KEYS High School?

    Yes, speak to Mrs. Smith, our Registrar, for this information. You must live at least 2 miles from KEYS and there are designated bus stops. Buses do not pick up at the door.

    Is there parking available for KEYS students?

    Yes, all KEYS students must park in the south parking lot, located next to the football fields on Raider Dr.

    What will make YOU a successful student at KEYS?

    The "THREE A's" School Policy!!

    • Attendance - YOU must be at school every day to succeed! The state law regarding attendance applies at KEYS as well as all traditional schools.
    • Achievement - YOU must accelerate and meet all your GOALS in all your classes. At KEYS when you take homework to complete at home, you are accelerating! Turn in all your assigned work; be serious about your classes; ask for homework; stay for tutorials.
    • Attitude - Follow the rules. Be positive! Be respectful! Follow the rules and abide by the Student Code of Conduct! That includes discipline, dress code, and cell phone policies.

    These are the KEYS to Your Success!


    In summary, KEYS provides at-risk students with a viable and quality educational alternative.