• Our course guide "magazine" has information about all the CTE programs offered in HEB ISD, including classes at the BCTEA, L.D. Bell High School, Trinity High School, and all junior high schools.

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    Architecture & Construction

    Architectural Design and Interior Design courses prepare students for careers in planning, building, design, and maintenance. Students are trained on software programs such as CAD, Autodesk Inventor Professional, and the latest version of Revit Architecture which was actually used to design the Buinger Academy building. Students can earn industry certifications in each of these software applications.

    Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications

    This cluster gives students the opportunity to display their creative talents while they explore the technical aspects of the multimedia arts. Students can choose from a variety of programs including videography, TV studio operations, video game design, commercial photography, graphic design and computer animation. Participants in these programs will be introduced to the latest technology in these rapidly expanding and hugely popular career fields.

    Business, Marketing, and Finance

    The Business, Marketing, and Finance career cluster prepares learners to face the challenges of a global economy. Students learn functions essential to productive business operations and have the opportunity to receive certifications such as a Microsoft Office Specialist in Business Information Management I or II. They can also learn marketing skills related to advertising, public relations and business financial management. Career opportunities are available in every sector of the economy and require specific skills in organization, time management, customer service, communication and promotion. Our goal is to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to be effective in their personal affairs as well as the business world and these courses help lay the foundation for those students planning to pursue a degree in Business, Finance or Marketing.

    Education and Training

    The program courses in Education are for students interested in the teaching profession. This is a direct training experience where students acquire knowledge of child and adolescent development as well as the principles of effective teaching practices. Students in the higher-level Instructional Practices and Practicum courses have the opportunity to assist teachers in the classroom on elementary and junior high campuses.

    Health Science

    The Health Science cluster offers students an opportunity to learn the concepts of health care delivery as well as develop clinical skills in a wide variety of careers in patient care. Community partners team with the program to provide hospital and clinic experiences that provide authentic ”real-life” laboratory learning in which students gain technical knowledge as well as an understanding of the expectations of the health care field. Students have the opportunity to earn Phlebotomy and Pharmacy Technician certifications.

    Hospitality and Tourism

    Hospitality and Tourism encompasses the management, marketing and operations of restaurants and other food services, lodging, attractions, recreation events, and travel related services. Students learn the principles of nutrition and enjoy unique experiences in cooking, catering, and all aspects of the hospitality industry within the Culinary Arts program. Students have the opportunity to earn ServSafe certification and practicum students participate in internships at an area hotel.

    Human Services

    The wide-ranging Human Services career cluster prepares individuals for employment in career pathways related to families and human needs. Students can search an array of careers and educational pursuits including personal and family services. The cosmetology program at HEB ISD provides students with the necessary training, hours, and experience to take the state examination to become a licensed cosmetologist.

    Information Technology

    Information Technology careers involve the design, development, support and management of hardware, software, multimedia and systems integration services. Students with an interest in computer hardware will enjoy Computer Technology and receive hands-on training as they build computers and maintain a network in a classroom environment. Class activities prepare students for industry certifications such as A+, NET+, MSP, CCNA, CEA and CET.

    Law & Public Service

    The Law & Public Service Cluster helps prepare students to provide professional and technical support in legal, public safety, homeland security and protection careers. Through classroom sessions and activities, students develop knowledge of the skills and education requirements necessary for a successful career in the field of Law and Public Safety. The HEB ISD Criminal Justice program partners with Hurst, Euless and Bedford Police Departments’ ride-a-long programs resulting in a more complete learning experience.


    The Manufacturing Career Cluster focuses on planning, managing, and performing the processing of materials into intermediate or final products and related professional and technical support activities such as production planning and control, maintenance, and manufacturing/process engineering. Students will gain knowledge of robotics and the assembly, operation, maintenance and repair of electromechanical equipment or devices.

    Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

    A career in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics is exciting, challenging, and ever changing. Learners who pursue one of these career fields will be involved in providing scientific research services, laboratory and testing services, research and development services and even robotics. Engineering classes provide opportunities to practice technology applications and simulate activities found in business and industry using the latest software programs and produce a variety of projects that prepare them for entry-level positions.

    Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

    The Transportation career cluster exposes students to related professional and technical support services. Both the Auto Technology and Collision Repair programs are conducted in industry-style labs and provide students the opportunity to experience hands-on training in a rapidly changing industry. Automotive Collision and Repair classes train students in painting, refinishing, airbrushing, welding, detailing and more. Automotive Technology students train in a state of the art facility using industry-recognized tools and equipment to develop their technical and troubleshooting skills.

    Technology Applications

    The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) endorsement in HEB ISD is a curriculum path that allows for a student to focus deeply on courses directly related to science, technology, engineering, and advanced math. Career Opportunities: Video Game Programmer; Mobile App designer, Software Developer; Artificial Intelligence; Operations Research Analyst; Chemist; Natural Sciences Manager; Statistician; Geoscientist; Actuary; Mathematician; Quality-Control Scientist; Aeronautical, Biomedical, Nuclear, Petroleum, or Robotics Engineer