EJH Campus Clubs

  • Hello Stallions!  Do you have a special interest and want to find a group of people that like the same things you do? Need a fun after school activity? Join a club at Euless Junior High!

    Don't see your favorite club? Many times during the school year, students will organize additional clubs or organizations. If you have an idea for a club, find a teacher willing to sponsor your organization and write a description of the club and its purpose. Then your teacher can take the idea to Ms. Stanton.  New clubs are starting all the time, so if your interests are not represented, organize your own club. 


  • Chess Club / Mr. Stahl (C4)

  • Dungeons & Dragons Club / Mr. Baggett (A12)

  • ESL Club / Ms. Giles (B2)

  • EJH Student Council / Todd Ketcham (C2)

  • Euless Junior High Honor Society / Dr. Amy Watson, Bonnie Brownell, Ginger Garner & Janis Jayroe (B10)

  • Game Club / Ms. Rowlands (D2)

  • Gay Straight Alliance / Ms. Ryan (Art Room)

  • Korean Culture Club / Mrs. Vakalahi (D11)

  • Polynesian Club / Mrs. Vakalahi, Mrs. Vi and Mr. Langi (D11)

  • Sewing & Service Club / Nurse Fisher & Mrs. Vi (FCS Room)

  • Video Game Club / Mr. Richey (B-13)

  • Yearbook Club / Ms. Horn (B12)