• We love our adopters! Whether you represent a corporation, small business, civic group, church, or if you just want to donate some personal time, you can help us provide a quality education for Hurst Hills students.

    Your organization can become a HHE campus adopter and work with just our school, or you can become a district adopter and work with multiple schools (or even the entire district).

    We're open to almost any gifts or services your organization can provide. Many adopters ask us what our current needs are and then pick an item or task that fits their group. Past ideas have included:

    • Guest speakers
    • Educational tours or field trips
    • Incentive awards for student achievement
    • Donation drives (school supplies, coats, shoes, P.E. & recess equipment, etc)
    • Teacher discounts, rewards, and snacks for the break room or training days
    • Allowing employees to volunteer at the school during the work day

    For more information, contact our HHE Adopt-A-School Coordinator:

    Debbie Showell

    ...or visit the district-level Adopt-a-School website.

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