Spanish Immersion & Advanced Spanish

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    Spanish Immersion & Advanced Spanish

    An HEB ISD Schools of Choice Program

    Spanish Immersion & Advanced Spanish are special opportunities offered to students through HEB ISD's Schools of Choice program. Students start in Spanish Immersion; from first grade through sixth grade, all core classes (math, science, reading, and social studies) are taught entirely in Spanish. Students can continue their study with Advanced Spanish classes in junior high and high school.

    Spanish Immersion is currently offered for entering first graders at Bedford Heights, Meadow Creek, and Viridian Elementary schools. Advanced Spanish is offered at Bedford Junior High and Harwood Junior High, then continues at L.D. Bell and Trinity High Schools.

    The 2023-2024 transfer window closed March 10, 2023. For questions about late transfers, please contact the school directly. Contact information for all schools is listed on the HEB ISD Schools webpage.

    For more information about applying for Spanish Immersion, visit the HEB ISD Transfers webpage...

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    About Spanish Immersion

    Immersion education is an alternative educational model designed to provide students with fluency and literacy (speaking, reading, and writing) in two languages. The Spanish Immersion program aims to teach Spanish to non-native speakers while their brains are still in their peak language-learning years. Starting on the first day of first grade, all core classes (math, science, reading, and social studies) are taught entirely in Spanish.


    Gaining an International Edge

    Language is the most essential form of communication among human beings. As technology redefines society, our world becomes smaller as we interact with people of other nations. Our businesses and government will rely on individuals who are linguistically competent and culturally sophisticated to negotiate international transactions.

    Students in the HEB ISD Spanish Immersion & Advanced Spanish programs have the unique opportunity to gain an international edge at an early age. They will not just study a second language; they will live it, experience it, and use it, so that it will become part of them.

    In addition to instilling the pure ability of bilingualism (speaking) and biliteracy (reading and writing), studies show that students in the Spanish Immersion program tend to score better on test scores, develop an appreciation for diversity, and gain a higher self-esteem.

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  • The mission of the Spanish Immersion department is to promote bilingualism, and bi-literacy in our community of learners so that they can become productive and contributing members of a multicultural society.

  • What is Schools of Choice?

    HEB ISD's Schools of Choice programs go beyond the "core" curriculum. These limited enrollment programs focus on specific, special topics. Students can grow their artistic talents, explore cutting-edge advancements, and develop skills to compete with a global workforce.

    Each program has its own set of requirements and its own academic path to completion, giving families the freedom to decide which path is right for their child.

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