• The Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) department is responsible for coordinating the collection of district data that is transmitted to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) according to defined standards and the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). TEA mandates that each school district participate in the statewide accounting system and uses the collected information to prepare annual comprehensive reports for evaluating, monitoring, funding and/or auditing public education.


    Department Goals

    • Establish/maintain systematic procedures/materials to support data quality and TEA reporting requirements as defined by the PEIMS Data Standards and the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.
    • Collaborate with/train/assist district/campus personnel with PEIMS coding issues, the data collection/editing/reporting process, and submission requirements/resources in an effort to provide consistent, useful and adequate information and PEIMS data management.
    • Process/distribute PEIMS edits/reports to appropriate district/campus personnel for analysis, verification and correction. All data to be delivered to the campuses on a Data CD.
    • Comply with policies and regulations to submit PEIMS statistical data according to ESC/TEA/TEC requirements and timelines.

    PEIMS Reminders

    Students must meet eligibility requirements described in Section III of the TEA Attendance Accounting Handbook before they can generate funding. Official attendance is taken at 10:00 AM (elementary) or second period (secondary). Campus staff must refer and adhere to the guidelines outlined in the HEB ISD Attendance and Enrollment/Withdrawal Handbooks. Special attention should be given to the policies and procedures, enrollment/withdrawal timelines and attendance accounting reports. Six weeks verification requirements must be met each reporting period. Campus Attendance Binders must contain all attendance summary reports and must be retained for 7 years per TEA auditing guidelines. Cognos reports (AT0012, AT0013, AT0014, AT0039) are available to monitor ADA and assist with campus/district attendance improvement efforts.


    Awesome Teamwork

    Thanks to Campus, District and Information Services Dept. staff for their hard work on our PEIMS data. Your dedication and team work in correcting PET/PID data, entry errors, running/reviewing edit reports and attending to all quality control issues allows us to successfully submit our data.


  • The mission of the PEIMS Department is to collect, compile, and share student and staff data in order to submit accurate and fatal free PEIMS data on-time in accordance with the TEA Data Standards.