Map & Directions

  • Address

    3191 W. Pipeline Road, Euless, TX 76040 (View address in Google Maps)


    Attendance Zones

    Official attendance zone information for all HEB ISD schools is available through the HEB ISD Map & Attendance Zones page.


    Unofficial Map

    Note: This image is an unofficial map, showing an approximation of the school's current attendance zone.

    approximate map of attendance zone

    This unofficial attendance zone map shows three areas zoned for the school. The largest zone is around the school, extending from Highway 10 to Highway 183, roughly bounded by parts of Hospital Parkway and Brown Trail. The second largest is roughly between Highway 10, train tracks south of Trinity Blvd, Industrial Blvd, and parts of Main Street. The smallest zone is southeast of the intersection of Trinity Blvd and American Blvd.